Wednesday, July 18, 2007

coming soon...

a longer, more detailed post about what we've been up and the long awaited pics of the boys from the wedding in their golf shirts and flip flops...and for those that are interested, some scrapbook stuff I have done in the last month or so.

Just had to share how excited we are to be going to this game on Friday night...


This is my first ever CFL game and I can't wait. I cheer for them both except when they play each other, then it has to be Riders all the way. The boys are planning on painting their hair and faces and Zack and Reilly are going to paint their with a D and the other with a fence...crazy kids I tell ya...yes I'll post pics of that!!! There are 14 of us in total going and we're all family. It's going to probably be the highlight of our summer. Can't wait!!
If you're a fan, tune in to Friday Night Football...ya just might see us!!

Until we meet again, take care, have fun and play safe.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

my deepest apologies....

for being a bad blogger!!
We are soooo crazy busy right now...this is the first day I have sat at my computer since last Friday morning (and that was only to do some banking).
With school winding down last week, there were extra trips out of the house to attend year end parties/picnics and slideshows not to mention shopping for teacher gifts because I waited too long to make anything (terrible for a scrapper I
The long weekend has come and gone... sad to say we didn't do too much. No trips to my Mom's house for our annual Canada celebration with family and no company here either. We spent the weekend shopping for and building a fence, ordering patio blocks and hanging with our kids. We did watch the fireworks from the backyard...the boys laid on the tramp and we cuddled under a blanket. They were almost directly over head...I'll post pics later (they are still on my camera).
I am still going to post pics of the boys in their flip flops (they too are still on my, as well as pics of the latest (well in the last month latest) scrapbook creations. This quick post is just to let people know I have not fallen off the planet nor am I ignoring anyone. I am hoping to catch up on blogs and emails this evening, now that I have cleaned my entire was seriously neglected this weekend.
I also want to send an apology to anyone who has sent me an invite to join facebook. It is nothing personal to any of you, it's just not something I feel I am interested in...besides, I don't have any extra time to get addicted to anything else computer!!!
I need to run and feed the kids so I can have the evening to myself, well as much to myself as I can with four boys running!! Have a good week everyone.