Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pb&j...Gavin style!

I have to share this story with you guys...for the past 2.5 years, Gavin has basically eaten nothing but pb&j sandwiches for lunch...I kid you not!! There is an exception made when we are in the city or away from home on the weekends but this is has been his thing and still is. He has decided to take it up himself to make them on his own...and being the scrapbooking picture taking Mom that I am...I grabbed the camera and snapped away. I thought it would be important to capture as it's a big part of who he is. Check it out...

There you have it...he's willing to make them for anyone....anytime!

Friday, February 15, 2008

5 Faves

Stacy wanted to see my top 5 list so here it is...

5 things you cannot live without for under $10 each
1 aero singles chocolate bars (1.07)
2 tape runner (2/9.99)
3 fuzzy slippers (9.97)
4 Tim Hortons English Toffee Cappuccino (3.00)
5 scented candles (lg jar 9.99)

5 fav movies
1 Grease
2 Annie
3 the Wedding Singer
4 Pretty Woman
5 Chicago

baby names you love (but aren't planning on using)

5 girls names: Karleigh, Mikayla, Mackenzie, Madison, Kennedy

5 boys names: Cooper, Evan, Lucas, Drake, Rhys

5 songs you could listen to over and over
1 Proud of the House We Built
2 Long Slow Kisses
3 Home
4 Because you Loved Me
5 I Swear

5 people who influenced your life in a positive way
1 my Mom
2 Vicki
3 my Grandma Alice
4 my husband
5 my sons

5 items that stay in your purse all the time
1 wallet
2 cell phone
3 lip gloss
4 sunglasses (unless they are on my face)
5 tampons

5 moments you knew things changed forever
1 when my parents divorced
2 leaving home for college
3 becoming a Mom
4 getting married
5 when my father and I walked out on each other

5 obsessions you have right now
1 picture taking
2 my computer/internet
3 planning our Disneyland trip
4 my ipod
5 scrapping

5 places you would really like to go
1 Australia
2 Hawaii
3 Cuba
4 Vegas
5 Niagra Falls

5 people you'd like to see do their tops 5's
1 Mona
2 Sherri
3 Carole
4 Joce
5 Lisa
nothing personal to those of you not listed...I had the kids pull names from a hat...come on girls...don't be a party pooper...lol!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

time sure flies...

when your having fun, hanging with your family and being creative! Oh and working...I had 4 days of subbing at an elementary school in a nearby town. Let me tell ya how exhausting that is! (but I loved every minute of it)
We've been hanging out a lot of that lately...well, as much as we can with all the hockey Reilly is playing and the newest developments in the seemingly never ending saga that has become my life as the director but that's a whole other issue and not one I want to share with any of you...you probably wouldn't even believe me if I told you!I had no intention of not blogging for 2 weeks but as I said, we've had a lot going on.
We ended up exchanging our 2 new large suitcases (29") and getting 4 slightly smaller (24") ones instead...people who have done big trips like this before suggested to us that the big ones might be too heavy upon our return with the shopping and souvenirs and how costly it is if your bags are overweight. We've actually been given some really good travel advice from those that have gone before us...lol such as packing bandaids for blisters...I would have never thought of that and would have had to run around trying to find some to buy I'm sure. If you have any neat little trip tips, please share them.
So, I thought since it has been awhile since I shared anything creative that I would do that today so here ya go...have a peek at some scrapbook layouts that I have recently created. Some of you may have seen some or all of them already but I do have some I haven't shared anywhere and will take some pics and post them soon. Oh and I've added almost all of January pics to the project 365 album to the left if you would like to have a peek at the things I have been snapping pictures of.

Oh and guess what....the travel agent we ordered our Park Hopper passes from just last Friday, called today and said they were here already...WOOHOO!! She had said it would take at least 2 weeks so we ordered with plenty of time to spare and they only took 2 days. I'll be picking them up on later this week...getting more excited as the days go by.
I guess that's it for now...the boys will be coming through the door any minute and then the real fun begins...lol!