Friday, November 6, 2009

Boo from our Crew '09

Hope your Halloween was filled with lots of treats and few tricks...we had a great one this year. The weather was warmer than it's been in years so the kids were out in full force around town. It was awesome...I love seeing them all dressed up. Here are a few snapshots of how we celebrated this year

Things are well here with all of us...knock on wood, we've all been pretty healthy...hoping to keep it that way!
Carsyn's guitar lessons are going well and Gavin started drum lessons today. I sat in on the first lesson just so i was in the know about the things we should be practicing at home and how to go about it...the sparkle in his eyes while he was playing and after the lesson was over melted my heart! Guess Brian better get on finishing insulating and drywalling the garage so it can be used as a music/rec room cause if we have to buy a drum set in the near future (right now he practices on rhythm pads) I do not want that noise in the!
Reilly and Zack's volleyball season's are coming to an end soon. However, basketball starts right resting in between. Hockey is in full swing so that keeps us busy 4 days a week without anything else going on. I am so looking forward to Brian being home for the winter so he can help out with transporting the boys too and from.
Anyway, I have been a horrible blog friend and for that I apologize. I hope to have some time this weekend to visit them all and catch up.
I hope you are well and staying healthy...hugs!!