Sunday, April 17, 2011

and another month goes by

without a blog!
How do you guys do it? Blog regularly?
I think about it a lot...but then something or someone seems to get in the way of my having the time and freedom to sit at the computer for anything longer than to check emails or facebook. Perhaps now that Brian is home for a bit and we are no longer planning a Spring break surprise trip things will slow down a bit for me.
In fact, they already have in a way.
With Brian not home, it's constant go go go for me but having him here allows myself to operate at a slightly slower pace...which isn't necessarily a good thing! He is taking care of the house work and laundry during the day so after a day at work, I just need to worry about supper really. He's even been doing a lot of the driving to volleyball so I can stay home in the evenings.
You'd think that with my new found freedom, I'd have all the time in the world to scrapbook, work on home reno's, workout, and blogging....but I don't! So, what am I doing instead? Some days, I'm not sure the answer to that question....seems I am busy doing a whole lot of! I'm sure some (or all) of you know what I mean by that.
I've got a mix of Spring fever (sure wish Mother Nature would get that feeling and end Winter already) blended with a sense of urgency to get some major projects outta the way with grad less than a month away. So any "spare" time I have in the next few weeks will be spent tying up those "to do's"
I will share pics of them when they are done.
I'll also share photos from our surprise family vacation to Disney World!
In an effort to get a few more things highlighted off the list, I'm outta here!