Monday, April 30, 2007

did you know....?

that the Telus World of Science has some really cool exhibits? We went there on Sunday to see the Lego Secrets of the Pharo's and it was amazing. What they can do with a bunch of colored plastic blocks is is a sampling of what we saw...
this was built out of mega blocks and is at the entrance to the exhibit

this is beyond cool..
how about this...amazing hey?
even the plant pots are huh?
King Tut's mask

anyway, there was way more than that to see and I might have to do a picasa collage so you can see just boggled my mind. I can't imagine what Legoland will do to me next!! We walked through all of the other exhibits they have and learned some cool stuff. The last time we went there, Gavin was about 18 months, so this time was completely different for all the boys. What I like about it is that there is something for everyone, no matter what your age and each time you visit, you learn something new. Anyway, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Edmonton area. Oh, we also participated in a Lego mindstorm robotic mission where the robot had to be programmed by us and everything. Brian and the boys had a blast with that...I took the pics!!
My brother delivered the boys their Christmas gift last Thursday...a 12ft springless, enclosed trampoline...they are soooo excited! Now we just need to put it together. I think Brian and the boys will do that this weekend while I am at my scrap retreat...can't wait!! I've been packing in between scrappin', regular household duties, baking and yard work. Flowers are starting to bloom...yay...color in the yard! Can't wait to fill the pots and baskets too.
Not much else happening actually. Field trips are in full swing...hard to believe that school is almost over for another year!! Looking forward to a nice relaxing summer!
Short and sweet this time...gotta get started with the bedtime routine, that is as soon as I can drag them in from outside!! Have a good week everyone.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

who turned out the lights...?

Well, we have had quite an interesting series of events since my last update on Wednesday. That night, around 1am, our power went out. A pretty bad Spring snowstorm blew through here, knocking down power lines, leaving a huge mess and terrible road conditions. Needless to say it was pretty chilli in here Thursday morning when we woke up! Obviously school was cancelled...our whole town was shut down basically. I was kinda worried as I had no cash on hand to buy gas if I needed to leave or for food (if the grocery store was even open). The kids were happy about not having school and headed out to play in all the heavy, wet snow. They built a huge snowman and a fort which they then had a big snowball fight behind. I really needed a cup of coffee and thought that I could go out to the van and use our power converter thing we have there...stupid coffee pot overloaded it and wouldn't brew. I was determined to get a cup, so I boiled water on the bbq and then slowly poured it into the filter...worked pretty good!! My neighbor was quite happy when I showed up on her doorstep with a travel mug for her. I wrapped the pot in tinfoil to try and keep it!! Thank goodness I had stuff I could cook on the bbq for lunch and suppper. As the day wore on, it got colder in here and the novelty of having a day off from school was wearing thin with the boys. Gavin kept saying how he wanted the power to come on so he could watch a movie! We sat around and sang songs by candle light at night trying to pass the time until we could go to bed. The boys all ended up sleeping in the same room under about 5 comforters, with socks and hoodies on!!
Brian had made it home so not only did I have the flannel sheets for warmth, I had body heat funny ideas either!! Somehow, typing it out, it doesn't sound as bad as it really was. Luckily, they had it fixed by 3am Thursday night/Friday morning and everyone was nice and toasty by morning. No electricity is something I have no desire to experience any time soon!! I am too attached to the modern day conveniences I have in my!

It's been awhile since I shared anything I have done creatively, so I am doing that now...ya I know some of them still need journaling...I'm getting there!!

Gavin was quite proud of the fact he learned how to wink. He came up to me in the kitchen and said, "Hey Mom, look at me", I turned around to see this cute, scrunched up face...

Carsyn and Gavin playing go fish together...a rare moment they were getting along...
Gavin has dreams of being a drummer one day and asked the hairdresser to give him a mohawk...I thought he was going to fall out of the chair when she offered to make it green...
just a silly pic of Gavin during potty training
Carsyn's first lost tooth
Reilly showing us his wacky sense of humor...

Off I go, back to my scrapspace. Gotta go with the mojo when I can and while Brian is home to help with the kids so I can have time alone to scrap. Plus my next couple of weekends are busy. Next weekend, I am going to Red Deer to spend some time with my dear friend Vicki before she moves in with her fiance and the weekend after that I am going on a scrap retreat!!
Lot's of good times ahead...hope you have some too!!

ps. Thanks to those of you who did the was great to read your random facts!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I got to go and tag, you're it!

on the field trip with Carysn to the Telus World of Science. I was soooo excited as was he. He was a bit sad last night that I might have to cancel because my wisdom teeth were hurting quite badly and at that point spending the day with 40ish kids wasn't something I was interested in. However, when I woke up, they were ok so off to school we went. We had a lot of fun in the 2 workshops we took and on the bus. At leasy 5 times on the way home, he told me this was the best day ever because we spent it together....aaaawwweeee! It made it all worthwhile just to hear him say that. Here's a shot of us on the bus together..not the best pic but nonetheless a great memory for him and I.
So, Julie tagged me the other day and I haven't had time to do it before today.

Here are the rules:
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! OK, here goes:

1. I went to a Michael Jackson concert when I was 12 (his Victory Tour in Vancouver) and loved it!!
2. I am a little more 'girly' than I let people think I am.
3. I LOVE to play Tetris on the N64 and compete with Brian for top scores.
4. I am a Coke addict (Cola of course!!)
5. My favorite movie all time is Grease and when I was about 11 (I think) I had a pair of high heels just like Sandy wears at the party at the end....I can't believe I am admitting some of this stuff!!
6. I cannot drink coffee with out flavored creamer in it.
7. I failed my drivers licence 3 times...isn't that awful...?

Now Mona, Kelsey, Tammy, Sherri, Stacy,Heike and are it! Have fun ladies, can't wait to read yours.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Monkey's swinging in a tree...

I couldn't resist taking some pics of the boys climbing the tree in our front yard this afternoon.

They have spent the last 2 days outside...only coming in long enough to scarf down a meal now and then. It's been great...their fighting has been minimal and they have actually been really nice to each other. At one point today, I looked out the window and Carsyn and Reilly were playing catch with each other, Zack was tossing a football back and forth down the middle of the street with one of the neighbor boys (sure can't do that in the city) and Gavin was playing soccer on the front lawn with the other neighbor boy. For a moment, I just stood there, watching them, and that moment was Norman Rockwell moment if you will! I made a comment to Brian about it and that maybe someday, all these boys will come home from college and hang out together, just like they are now. How great would that be...?
The weather has finally allowed us to get outside and do some yard work. I couldn't help being outside all day too. I actually had every intention of scrapbooking the day away but found myself needing to be outside. Got a fair amount of raking done and even though there is still some snow along the fence line and remnents of our backyard rink, the yard looks pretty good. We're going to get out patio and fire pit area finished so we can enjoy many nights out there as a family and with friends. Can hardly wait.
In other news, I began teaching the Pre K program this past Tuesday and I can't even describe how tiring that is...4 hours with 15 kids (and 2 parent helpers). It is running smoothly, the kids are great and I still enjoy it, it is just alot more tiring (I probably sound like a wuss hey...complaining about my 4 hour work day...hehehe). Only 14 more classes to go!! Carsyn's class is going on a field trip to the Telus World of Science this week and he's asked me to volunteer. My neighbor is willing to take Gavin, so I think I'll put my name in and see if I get picked. I would love to go with him, so hopefully I can. I would prefer to drive myself as I'm not crazy about riding the bus but...suck it up right...?
That's it, that's all from my little corner of the world. Hope all is well in yours.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hoppy Easter everyone...

Hey everyone, we're hoping you are having a fun filled Easter with people you love. We are having a quiet weekend. Well, by quiet I mean no company. The kids are certainly making up for any extra noise we may have had with guests...they have been picking at each other for a few days now. It's been sooo cold with the windchill that we haven't been able to send them outside either...grrrrr!! I am way too happy they go back to school on Tuesday. I am only sad that it isn't tomorrow, as it would have been nice to have a day without them before I go back to work. On Tuesday, I start teaching the Pre K program from 10am -2pm twice a week. I am excited and nervous about having 15 kids for 4 hours each day. Should be interesting...!!!
Anyway, here are a few pics of the boys coloring eggs. I am not including any their hunting today though. They had fun, but it was hard to get pics of 4 kids all going in different directions...LOL!!do you think Zack looks amused....??
just a cool pic I thought...should be interesting to use on a scrapbook page

Gavin was quite proud of his eggs, after all, he could do it himself

Carsyn thought this one turned out kinda cool... half purple blended with half green...

and in other news....Brian has been negotiating most of the week with his current employer. The offer he received last Monday was pretty good but his current work has sweetened the pot a bit. It looks like he's staying where he is. We are both happy with the decision and it puts him in a great position for his future there. This also means that I don't have to cancell my scrap weekend away in May (ok...maybe a bit selfish for a but he'll be here rather than in some foreign country. In the long run too, it's better for our family that he's home regularly. Family is the most important thing bet!!!
On that note, I am off to spend some time with mine, as we enjoy our "sundae's on Sunday".

Monday, April 2, 2007

ending of an era, turning of the page

So, it's official. My Mom has sold her house and is moving to Saskatchewan by the end of April. I knew it was only a matter of time but it was still hard to hear that there was a strong offer on the house and that it was probably going to sell. I panicked and we made a spur of the moment trip to visit over the weekend. It's not like this is my childhood home or anything but I was still attached to it and so were the boys. A lot of good times were had there along with a lot of memories made. It is sad to know that we will be starting over, in a sense at their new house. Part of me is worried to that we won't see each other as often because now the drive for either of us will basically take the entire day instead of a few hours. Carsyn asked me when we got to Grandma's on Friday if we'll ever see her again when she moves. I giggled, because of course we're still going to see each other. Maybe not as often but probably for longer periods of time. It will become 'quality vs quantity' instead....which might be ok too. It's just going to be different and that will take some time to get used to I guess. Here is a pic of the boys by the for sale sign. Not long after we left, the 'sold' sign got slapped across it.
On another note, we are finished with extra curricular activities for awhile. No more soccer, hockey, basketball...all finished!! Now you would think that this should free up time for scrappbooking...I kinda doubt it. With the weather turning to Spring (eventually it has to right...?) we'll be spending more time outdoors playing and yard work. Lots of yard work this year at our house...I hope!! That depends....on Brian's work.
Awhile back I posted about a potential job offer that could dramatically affect our lives and future. Hopefully all in a postive way, only time will tell. That job offer will be on the table tonight!! We'll have some decisions to make either way and I'll keep everyone posted as the details spill!!
Other than that, the boys are on Spring break, I have had the chance to get a few household projects done and the focus this week is to do some planning for the Pre K program I'll be teaching starting next week. Should be a busy week ahead, but that is good...I need stuff to keep my mind busy (especially today as I watch the clock
Have a great week everyone, if the weather cooperates and the sun shines, get out there and enjoy it, I know I will.