Wednesday, August 29, 2007

hodge podge of stuff

Knowing we were going to visit my Grandma and knowing she makes crabapple jelly, we thought it would be cool if she taught me how to make crabapple jelly so...the boys each picked a pail of apples from our backyard and loaded them into the van. When we arrived, I asked Grandma if she would teach me to make the jelly with the family recipe. She kinda giggled and said there is no family recipe...she just uses the one from the certo box! I, was devastated. All these years I thought for some reason, that there was a family recipe and to find out there wasn't crushed me. My Grandma tried to make me feel better by saying that it's the same recipe her Mom used, my Mom said it's the same one she used so it's kinda a family!! Thanks Grandma for making me feel better and for taking the time to teach me, ok mostly do on your own, how to make crabapple jelly. It is delicious and I have happily been sharing some of the 22 jars we made with family and neighbors. I love you!
Here are the boys picking the apples....

We had a nice visit and I have other pics to share but blogger isn't allowing me to upload anymore today so I'll add the rest later. It was great to surprise my Great Grandma with a visit and to update our 5 generation picture. I can't believe she'll be 98 in October...we have been so lucky to have had that many generations for as long as we have.

Here is a collage of hockey school photos. I am blown away by the zoom on this new camera...I got pretty close to him even when he was on the opposite side of the rink. I also love the burst mode...oh and the color selection mode. Some of my favs are the ones where just his jersey is gold and the rest is black and white (those were not edited with software).

and a few snapshots to share of out last days in the pool and some scenery in the yard...I LOVE the sunflowers pictures. The last 2 pics were taken on campus @ the UofA.

So, the boys are just about ready for school. Gavin and I are having our date this Friday to get his shopping done and have lunch together. He is the only one excited about going to school. Zack told him to just wait, he'll see it's nothing to get excited!!

I guess, that's it, that's all for now. I need to save something to blab, I mean blog about in a day or so when I add those other photos. Have a good evening, I'm outta here!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Thank You Lori

for the surprise email I got from you today with my banner resized to the appropriate dimensions so that now it is centered. (I had no idea you read my but am glad you did/do.) Thank you very much for doing that for me, I am very grateful for the help.

I'll be back in a day or so to post an update and include pics from our trip to my Mom's. Trying to get the house in order after being gone and the final touches the boys need for back to school.

Friday, August 17, 2007

whatcha think....

of my new banner? I love it...just wish it was centered...can anyone help me with that?
This is how I relaxed tonight after a llllooooonnngggg week at hockey camp. Too bad the rest of the weekend won't be as relaxing. I have a hockey executive meeting tomorrow at 9am...yep that's right, I have to be up and out of the house before 9 on a Saturday for hockey and the season is still almost 2 months away! Then, it is Carsyn's turn for school shopping and lunch with Mom so there goes the rest of the day. Sunday we'll be getting ready to leave for my Mom's house for a week so if I don't get back here or in touch with you otherwise...this is why.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
ps if anyone can help with centering my banner, I'd be very grateful. If not, then it stays crooked I guess!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

hockey in August...?

yeppers...for us anyway. Reilly has been attending hockey school this week and as good as it's been for him, I am exhausted. It takes us about an hour to get there and even longer to get home due to rush hour traffic and city drivers can be crazy! I am in no way stereotyping all of you but wow...I really don't know how people do that everyday. It's not for me anymore. Funny how that changes hey...just 2 short years ago, I was a city girl thinking that small town life was so not me and now, I wouldn't go back. Anyway, back to the hockey...Reilly is really coming along way but I am most proud of his coachability factor and sportsmanship....way to be Son, I am very proud of you!
On another Reilly note, his fish, Slapshot (a Japanese fighting fish), passed away last night and our overly sensitive child was devastated. I did my best to reassure him that it wasn't anything he did or didn't do in looking after him but that it just happens. Poor guy sobbed himself to sleep. I cleaned up the tank and put everything away so he wouldn't have to see it and I thought he was doing ok today...until we came home from hockey school and he entered his room. He started crying all over again. He even googled the kind of fish he had and set a picture of one as the desktop background on the kids computer...poor guy.
The other boys are doing well, enjoying the summer. Gavin and I were talking about going to school the other day and he told me he wasn't sure if he was!! He'll love it I'm sure when he gets there. We've begun the back to school shopping and that has the boys thinking about seeing their friends and hanging out...the actual school part of back to school is not a popular thought around here but hey, I don't blame them...that was my least favorite part too back in the!
Speaking of school, my DH is now a student too. He is taking a course through distance learning that when he is finished, should land him a job that allows him to be home every day...woohoo!! The kids and I are very excited about having him home again but I think he is the most excited. No doubt it will be an adjustment but totally worth it!
I guess I am kinda a student too...I am studying and learning how to use my new camera! We've been talking about upgrading for awhile and contemplated a digital SLR. I ended up with a Canon S5 IS. I was afraid of the SLR because even though I was ready for an upgrade from just a point and shoot, I was completely intimidated by them. So much more you have to know and set on your own and I am not there yet. I feel and so does the guy who sold me the camera, that this was the right step. I love it so far. Still have a lot to learn but am having a blast playing around with it so far. I'll share some pics soon.
Have a great weekend.

Monday, August 6, 2007

quick update...

it has been soooo hot here that the kids and I were able to convince Brian that we needed a pool and he finally agreed it was a good are a few pics that indicate it was money well spent!!!

We also went to a local outdoor amusement park and the kids splashed around in the bumper boats...we also mini golfed, Gavin drove a go kart and all the boys used the batting cages. It was a great day!
This..not such a great day...(only because the Riders lost)!! This was the best day EVER!!! We had so much fun I can't even begin to describe it. The whole entire atmosphere was amazing to be a part of and the rivalry between Brian and my Aunts and Uncles was hilarious!! We even saw a streaker...yep you read that right, a streaker ran across the field from one end almost all the way to the other. He was coming in our direction and we all saw a bit more than we bargained for (it was pretty funny actually but the boys were pretty grossed out)!! If you are looking for pics of that...I don't have any to!
So, there is a briefing of what we've been up to since my last post. Most days are pretty relaxed, just hanging out. Weekends are spent getting stuff done around the yard such as fencing and the patio is on hold until we can get a bobcat to come and dig for us. Some weekends we just spend time together instead of doing anything but that really is more important...the other stuff can wait .
Started back to school shopping on Friday. Decided to do one boy/week as it's a bit easier on the pocket book and on all of us involved. This way, I only have to listen to one child whine that it's taking too long etc. as opposed to all of!! Plus, it gives me a chance to spend some one on one time with each of them.
I've been really feeling my creative mojo and will post pics of some of the stuff I've been working soon. Please don't hold it against me if it ends up taking awhile...I've been trying to cut back on my computer use and spend more time with the boys and Brian...when he's home!
Oh ya, the kids and I are going camping this week with my friend and her daughter. should be a fun time with some photo opportunities.
Hope you all are doing well, enjoying your summer and having fun with family and friends.