Monday, February 16, 2009

time to share

phewf...we have been so busy that the blog has been a tad neglected.
Every day life has been keeping us on pour toes and then when you toss in some extras the days just fly by.
However, in all that we've had going on...nothing too much to report.
I attended an Educational Assistance conference a week and a half ago back in my old stompin' grounds. Gave me an opportunity to visit some special friends too so that was awesome. The conference wasn't too bad either.
Kids are good...for the most part. Carsyn seems to have been bit by the flu bug today. Was complaining of a headache and not too long after that, he was very ill. Hoping no one else gets it as Brian is leaving tomorrow for 10 days and I have to work. I'll take the time off if I have to but would prefer not to of course. But when your kids are sick, whatcha gonna a do.
Since it's been awhile since I have shared anything creative, I have a few recently created scrapbook layouts to share, as well, what I have done with the space above my couch (you may have seen the "family" frames before but I added these cool wall sconces that I found....

if you can't read them, they say "Sing as if no one can hear you", "Dance as if no one is watching", "Love as if you have never been hurt" and "Live as if heaven were on earth"... found them at my favorite store, Rafters of course.
this page was for a "scene it" challenge posted by my friend Julie at LIITD.
and a few layouts...

this one was for a challenge posted during the LIITD online crop this past weekend. You had to use at least 3 hearts. This was the last 5 generation picture we were lucky enough to get.

another from the crop...we were to scrap a page about ourselves. I chose to use the picture taken of me to hang on the wall at the school with the rest of the staff and journal about the adjustment of being called "Mrs. Mylastname"

this was the January inspiration challenge over at LIITD

and with that, I gotta go. We have hockey 2 of the first round of playoffs.
Have a great week.
I'll be blog surfin' later to visit you all.

Monday, February 2, 2009

just a quickie

not sure what I can tell ya that is as fun and exciting as!

Things are great around here.
I am really finding a nice balance in my life. It sure is making everyday more enjoyable and less stressful. I can't tell you what that does for me....and my family!
The boys are doing great.
Brian...he's a tad!
Poor guy is darn near wishing he could go back to work. I on the other hand am rather enjoying having a house husband. He's cleaning, doing laundry and running errands. If only I could get him to cook! Soon, though, he'll be so busy and gone from home that he'll be wishing to be!

Thanks again for being so excited for us about our trip. We are under 2 months now. Soon, the official countdown will be on.

Have a great week!