Friday, December 31, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blog much?

Obviously not since it's been 2 months since the last post!!
Wish that meant I had lots of exciting things to blog about now though...sadly, most of what's been keeping me busy! It's busy but good!! I do complain now and then about it all but the truth of the matter is, I really do love it, so I guess I need to close my mouth and carry!
So,what is it exactly that we've been busy with? Volleyball mostly...both Zack and Reilly played for their school teams this fall with Zack helping to coach Reilly's team. That kept us busy at least 4 days a week plus tournaments on weekends...sometimes they both played so it meant running back and forth to both...if possible. Thankfully, Brian was home most weekends so we would divide and conquer. Both boys finished in the top two of their school leagues, which meant they went on the Regionals and Zones respectively. Each of them brought home bronze medals...the best thing about that was there was no way one cold bug the other as they finished their seasons on an even keel. Once the school season ended, club tryouts began. Zack wants to play on a club team so bad this year as it's his last year so rather than putting all his eggs in one basket and maybe not making the team he payed for last year, he wanted to try out for 3 different teams!! This was a lot of driving to the 3 different cities and some late nights but that's's what moms do right. He has a spot on his team from last year and has one last tryout for the team he really wants to play on...fingers crossed!! Reilly is trying out too but the age group is U16. He is really only U14 but since they have no team at the age, he is giving it a shot. He can hold his own on the court but we'll see if he makes it. He's happy just to have gone to the tryout for the experience.
Carsyn is waiting till January to start a weekly volleyball skills program in the hopes of making the junior boys team next year. Gavin would love too also but is a bit too young still.
Halloween was awesome this you may know, it's Brian's favorite holiday. We found a new store called Spirit had the most amazing costumes and decorations! I was actually really surprised how many Halloween stores opened up this year. Here are some pics....

the older 2 stayed home to hand out candy and scare

In school news, graduation prep has started for Zack...I am sure I was just at Kindergarten is is possible he is graduating? Having a bit of a hard time with that. Last week, he brought home a book full of grad rings...he has designed one that suits him to a tee. He has also changed his thoughts on taking a year off of school to work. He wants to go straight to college and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in either Bio or Chem. It's very exciting and sad all at the same time...definitely bittersweet!! The other boys are all doing well academically as well. My job is going great...any reservations I had at the start of the year regarding my assignment quickly vanished once we got going. I will be very sad if they don't ask me to continue with him though grade 2, 3 and 4.
Brian had switched jobs this summer to one that had him home more...loved that! However, he was not enjoying the work at all. So, we've gone back into business for ourselves. He is much happier and although it means he's gone again, I would rather have him come home happy on his days off. Besides, we've lived like this for a long time so it's not been that much of an adjustment.

In other exciting news (I, Zack passed his road test and is now a licensed driver!

Christmas is fast approaching and I am hosting this year...lots to get done between now and then. Thank goodness we have some time off the week before cause I am going to need a few full days!! Might not have been too bad but I started redoing the kitchen cupboards a couple of weeks ago and have had no time to get them finished...they look better than they did but primer white wasn't what I had in! Need to get that done on top of all the usual holiday stuff.

No time like the present, so I guess I'll go and tackle something.