Sunday, November 30, 2008

sharing the love

Thanks to my fabulous friend Julie, I have been given this award...

Here are the rules

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate 5 blogs.

4. Provide links to their blogs.

5. Leave a message for your nominees

I proudly pass it on to these lovely ladies and friends.
Sherri for always putting a positive spin on things and who's outlook on life I hope to adopt a little of.
To Mona for her ability to find joy in the simple things in life and take things one day at a time. To Jocie cause she is a sweetie and designs awesome scrapbook pages. For Joce who keeps on plugging away no matter what life throws at her and has pretty cool blog templates! Last but not least, I pass this award to Stacy who is definitely a scrappy mom. She designs some pretty cool stuff!

I feel honored to have all of my fellow bloggers part of my life in one way or another. Whether we have met live and in person or not, I treasure our friendships.

An update soon to follow as I have to go. Our dishwasher installer is coming over soon and I need to do some things before he shuts off the water and electricity.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


to working full time! Yep...that's right...I ended up getting on full time at the elementary school and I LOVE IT!! The principal called last Sunday and left a message asking me to prepare for a full day on Monday and when we spoke, he asked if I would like to work there more and of course the answer was yes! It's very busy though as I am in 6 classrooms throughout my day so it goes by very quickly. With that, comes adjusting to getting up at 6:30am to pretty much get myself ready before the boys start getting up at 7:30.Adjusting to packing a lunch mylef and being out of the house all day. Adjusting to wearing "good" clothes. Adjusting to finding a new schedule for cleaning. Adjusting to not being able to go to the city shopping on a whim after work. Even Higgins has to adjust to being home alone now during the day (although I think Zack is going to start coming home for lunches so he can let the dog out and feed him too).
Soon, we'll be adjusting to having a built in dishwasher....woohoo!! I ordered it and came home to a message today that it's ready for pick up!
Lot's of adjusting for everyone but so far so good. I know it's only been a week but the boys have really responded well to me working. And let's be honest, the hours are great and I get the same holidays they do so it's pretty good!
Perhaps this a better way to look at my fear of change...adjusting doesn't seem as scary to me for some reason.
I have to say it feels pretty darn good to have the school ask me to take this on. I feel like I have a purpose...that I am doing something. I am not minimizing my role as a Mom and perhaps it's hard to explain or for you to understand but I was feeling like something was missing or that there had to be something more for me. Does that make sense? I am proud of what I do and I know I am good at it and it's nice to know the school sees that too.

Alright, I am done blowing my own horn.
Hope things are well with everyone.

Friday, November 14, 2008

battle of the colas

there has been an ongoing battle at my favorite hangout LIITD and I just want it to be clear where my loyalties lie...

even this guy that works for Pepsi knows the difference...

and I thought I would post this link to snopes dot com cokelore so you can read the truths for yourself about

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

all tricks

Halloween is over and done with but the boys will be eating candy for the next several months!!
A lot of it was last minute but we managed to get all 6 pumpkins carved, decorations out, candy ready and costumes on and were able to enjoy a fun time with the boys and some of their friends.
I had to work that morning but dressing up didn't take place till the afternoon so I got out of that!! I did go back to help Carsyn and Gavin get their costumes on and while I was doing that Brian was at home carving his pumpkin and decorating the yard. After the Halloween parade, I came home and carved mine and he put out the yard stuff. The boys came home from school pumped up on treats they had at their parties. Reilly brought 3 boys home and we fed them all pizza before getting them ready to go out. Zack went to a friends acreage and not doing the "Halloween thing" (although his pumpkin is pretty cool). My friend came over with her daughter and Brian took her out with Carsyn and Gavin while we stayed home to pass out candy (and indulge in a few When all was said and done, the kids weighed their bags and averaged about 5.5 pounds of candy each!
Here are a few pics of our October 31st....
here's Brian working on his masterpiece
Reilly wanted to paint his to look like the WM smiley face guy
Zack and Carsyn cleaning out their pupmkins

Gavin doesn't like to clean the pumpkins out so when I saw this fun foam sticker kit, I knew it would be perfect for him...

Carsyn all ready to go trick or treating
Gavin looks like he's ready to take on any one who tries to get in his way

this is Zack's Vancouver Canucks logo carving

this is Carsyn's peace symbol that looks like it's made with bones

this was the "piece de resistance"...everyone oogled over Brian's Mario

and this was mine...

We have still been pretty busy and me working 3 full days this week hasn't helped! I am looking so forward to having next Monday and Tuesday off to recoop and get stuff done around here. The good news is, I am losing some weight with all the busy-ness so that's a bonus!!

Gotta go...baking to come out of the oven and laundry to fold!