Sunday, September 20, 2009

back in the saddle

Wow...2+ weeks have just flown by!
The boys and I are all settled back into the routine of getting up and going to school...things are running pretty smoothly I must say. The boys are happy to be back into sports and seeing their friends...the school work I'm sure they'd be happy without. I have a busy schedule again this year although it's not as insane as last year. I pretty much spend my mornings in grade 1 and my afternoons in grade's quite the difference from the one to the other!
Sure am glad I spent some time at the start of the summer to get this house and stuff a bit more organized. Also picked up a 7qt crockpot and have started putting it to good use too. One thing that suffered a bit with me going to work full time all of a suddenlast year was suppers so I am hoping that the new (and much bigger) crockpot will help us eat a little better with not a whole lot more effort.
I am happy to report that the speed bumps we hit are a distant memory so that is an added bonus for a little less stress in my life! Although, hockey starts on Wednesday and that's always full of drama so ya never!
I've had a chance to do a smidge of scrapping but I'll wait till the next post to share...I know you are all wanting to see my new bathroom. So, without further it is!
this is the new chocolate brown "damask" shower curtain shown with the sun shining through the window to show it off

this is just a shot of the mirror (which will change at a later date, along with the vanity) The picture needs to be hing back on the wall above the toilet and I bought a glass shelf to hang above the pic to put some little details things on...

this is the shower curtain with the light on (not sure it looks any different

this is the new fixture...

It's hard to see the color on the's called "alpine mist"'s a very soft greeny blue...think spa-ish. I bought all new towels in this color as well as a free standing toilet paper holder (cause the one in the wall was drywalled, a free standing hand towel rack that sits on the counter and the set also came with an over the door towel holder...all in chrome to match the light. We are looking for some new flooring too.
I just realized, I didn't show you what it looked like before..and those pics aren't on the computer (I didn't take any before the reno started but I have some from when we first did the bathroom after moving in 4 years ago). Whoops!
The kitchen has been at a stand still for a bit...need to paint the back splash still and put new hardware on the cupboards. Still not sold on the color but it is growing on me each day.
So,with that, I need to go get the boys' agendas and paper work that needs to go back to school tomorrow ready as well as some pre lunch packing done. I think we have 2 boys with volleyball practice tomorrow, volleyball Tuesday and Friday, hockey Wednesday and cross country on Thursday. Hockey Friday, Saturday and Sunday as glad Brian is home this week!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

life is a highway

and we've hit some speed bumps!
hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I'm still kicking around.
We have lots of stuff going on in our lives right now...some good...some not so good. None of it is terminal or anything like that we've just had some life stuff come up out of nowhere and are trying to deal with them...some days it's easier than others.
For those of you that have made friend requests on facebook, you wouldn't know that a couple of weeks ago, I posted that I wouldn't be continuing with facebook. It just wasn't my thing I guess. Plus, I am having a hard enough time posting on the blog while I try to keep my head above water.
I'll be back soon with a summer review, the bathroom and kitchen pics some of you are waiting *patiently* for and a start to our school year.
I hope you are all well and settling back into the grove of school, work, activities...ya
Miss ya all sooo much!!