Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a roller coaster of emotions

is what i have been riding the last few days.
Sunday...nothing but ecstatic that my favorite football team wins the Grey Cup while we were surrounded by good friends

to being saddened with the news that my 98 year old Great Grandmother passed away on Monday. She led a long and full life and we will miss her terribly. We have been blessed for 14 years to have had 5 generations in our family...those are very long and strong family roots, that have given us an amazing family tree.
We love you Grandma! May you find comfort and peace in the Heavens above.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

FOUND: long lost blogger...

that's right, I'm back...did ya miss me? Were you popping in for updates only to see the same thing over and over for the last 3 weeks? Sorry about that people...I have a very good reason for being MIA...one of my duties as the Director for hockey is to organize the home tournament. This took way more time and effort than I ever thought it would and what bit of a life I had before the planning stages soon disappeared and my life was consumed by phone calls, trips to the city, emails, schedules and conflicts and on and on. It all went into one weekend...this past one and all I can say is... phewf I'm glad it's over!! Overall it was a pretty successful event and Reilly's "A" team won all three round robin games as well as the final! It was a very exciting weekend of hockey but an exhausting one as well. I pretty much went to the arena Friday night and stayed there till Sunday night. Anyway, it's over and will look great on my resume...lol!!
Here is the best pic I could get of my hockey man all dressed up heading to the rink (he was doing a pretty good job of hiding himself behind his sticks and his bag...lol) I think he looks so handsome in his pink shirt and tie...how about you?

had the camera out taking random shots and self portraits...didn't know till I downloaded them to the laptop that Gavin was giving me bunny ears...little bugger...lol

Brian and Carsyn...bonding...lol

bunny ears must have been the theme for the day as Gavin gave them to Zack too

and last but not least...I'm finally sharing some scrappy goodness with you all. Most of these layouts were completed before the tournament planning began and this week I am getting back into a schedule where I have time to do more so here ya go...have a peek

I will be making my rounds to see what you've all been up too...but until then, remember "a day without laughter is a day wasted" - Charlie Chaplin

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm a week late but here are a few shots from Halloween...ok from pumpkin carving only. We waited way tooo long to get pumpkins this year and instead of each of getting our own, as we usually do, we got one. One for all 6 of us and we ran out of time to carve it so we cleaned it quickly after school and then poked lite brite pegs all over it...looks kinda cool hey! Just for fun, we made the one on the lite brite too! Since the boys were wearing so many different colors, I chose to take the pics with the color accent feature on my camera...it allows me to keep one color while every else is black and white. I love it!

I am sad to report that I don't have many pics of the boys in their costumes. It really was a chaotic day for us. I do have a few but have to edit them as they have other kids from school in them and am not comfortable posting pics of other people's kids. I do have to put the boys back in their costumes and take a group shot...noone needs to know it was staged late right?

This hockey tournament that is sucking what little bit of life I had right out of me, is next weekend. I'm not too stressed...yet but getting there!! I think I am pretty prepared but am waiting on things to start coming in and that is stressful cause what happens if it doesn't arrive in time? I'll be soooo happy when it's over and I can just enjoy the rest of the season...hopefully!

I've been enjoying some time scrapbooking and have created some pages I am extremely happy with...will share them next post. I need to get the boys fed so we can go to hockey.

I hope whatever you have been up to is bringing you happiness. Take care everyone.