Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Christmas Carollers

just a quick snapshot of each of the boys at their concert tonight...I blurred the faces of the other kids as I have an issue with posting other peoples kids' faces on the internet without their permission. Carsyn was singing along and having fun but Reilly couldn't have been more uncomfortable. He looked so awkward up on the stage, he was totally hiding behind his hockey hair. Poor guy was right in the front too. I felt bad for him. When we got back into the van, he said to me, "I hate Christmas concerts." I helped with the decorations...aren't they pretty...?

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jessi said...

the decorations are very pretty!!! poor reilly...i can just see him using his hair as a curtain!!! merry christmas laura...hope yours is filled with sooooooo much warmth and love!!! see you new years!!!