Monday, January 28, 2008

falling into place

I can't believe how well things are coming together for our trip!
Brian actually said to me the other day how scary it is that it's all working out. The reason he said that is because with something as big as this...we usually hit a few bumps in the road. Not that we still won't but so good!
The hotel is booked and confirmed, passports have been applied for and should be mailed out on Feb 7th, park hopper passes will be on their way by the end of the week and we have mapped out other things we want to do while in California. Such as Universal Studies, Medieval Times, Legoland and of course the beach and hanging out by the pool at our hotel (hopefully it is warm enough for these latter 2 ideas). I've already been able to check a few things off the massive and ever growing list I started last Monday after booking...that feels good!!
Know what doesn't feel so good though? Temperatures of -45!!! That is currently how cold it is in our neck of the woods. Needless to say, the kids have no school and it's not looking any better for the rest of the week. Hopefully, if they are home that long, they can at least get along and amuse themselves so I can!! Which is how I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon! My neighbor might brave the cold long enough to cross the street and join me, if not, I'll pop in the old ipod and ignore the noises coming from the basement!!!
Other than trip planning, we haven't been up to too much this last week but I do want to share this....I think it is amazing!

I don't remember my other kids being able to draw like this at the age of 6 and I certainly can't at 35 so excuse my proud Mommy moment!

I'm off to scrap...I've been on a bit of a roll lately...really finding my groove and having a blast!

Take care and take some time to play!


Anonymous said...

I'm sensing that you're anxious to take off on your Love the clown by the way

Sherri said...

Love the little artist in your house ~ awesome job of that little clown for sure!

haha and yes I understand the excitement building for your trip ~ sounds like you are all going to have a blast ~

hard to think there are warm places right now with this weather haha, but hey we are on the good side of winter ~ better weather can not be too far away can it?!
Have a great day!

MonaS! said...

hey girl - sounds like its coming together nicely. Who did you book your trip through? We are planning to book a trip out that way and I would LOVE to know who you booked thru. Put it on my blog or email me at

Boo said...

Ahhh a trip to warmer weather! Lucky! Sounds like things are going right on track. That's great.

What a fabulous drawing! That is super!!!