Friday, February 15, 2008

5 Faves

Stacy wanted to see my top 5 list so here it is...

5 things you cannot live without for under $10 each
1 aero singles chocolate bars (1.07)
2 tape runner (2/9.99)
3 fuzzy slippers (9.97)
4 Tim Hortons English Toffee Cappuccino (3.00)
5 scented candles (lg jar 9.99)

5 fav movies
1 Grease
2 Annie
3 the Wedding Singer
4 Pretty Woman
5 Chicago

baby names you love (but aren't planning on using)

5 girls names: Karleigh, Mikayla, Mackenzie, Madison, Kennedy

5 boys names: Cooper, Evan, Lucas, Drake, Rhys

5 songs you could listen to over and over
1 Proud of the House We Built
2 Long Slow Kisses
3 Home
4 Because you Loved Me
5 I Swear

5 people who influenced your life in a positive way
1 my Mom
2 Vicki
3 my Grandma Alice
4 my husband
5 my sons

5 items that stay in your purse all the time
1 wallet
2 cell phone
3 lip gloss
4 sunglasses (unless they are on my face)
5 tampons

5 moments you knew things changed forever
1 when my parents divorced
2 leaving home for college
3 becoming a Mom
4 getting married
5 when my father and I walked out on each other

5 obsessions you have right now
1 picture taking
2 my computer/internet
3 planning our Disneyland trip
4 my ipod
5 scrapping

5 places you would really like to go
1 Australia
2 Hawaii
3 Cuba
4 Vegas
5 Niagra Falls

5 people you'd like to see do their tops 5's
1 Mona
2 Sherri
3 Carole
4 Joce
5 Lisa
nothing personal to those of you not listed...I had the kids pull names from a hat...come on girls...don't be a party!


Anonymous said...

ok's been done How do you add a link with the names on it? I got names but don't know how to link them to their blog... :(

MonaS! said...

alright - I done it - yours were very interesting!

Stacy said...

very cool and pb and j is so fun scrapbook page in your future lol!!