Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sick and tired

well...we've lost the fight against the cold and flu that has been going around.
I've had three sick boys since last Thursday...I'm sure Zack is next! Not to mention the incredible sore throat I have. I'm no doctor but I have had strep enough in my life to think that I have it again. Figures! We have been ridiculously busy the entire month of October plus I am at school every day now with all those kids and their germs. Not to mention all the places we've been traveling for various sporting events! Wouldn't you know it...this time of the year the doctors office is booking into next week instead of the usual day or two max. Off to the drugstore I go to find something to make myself a little more comfortable.
I have had no time to be creative...had great intentions of doing all sorts of things this month and haven't done any. I seriously have had no free time. Good thing the PVR has a huge memory cause there are a wack of shows waiting to be watched...someday!
The hockey season has been crazy, volleyball is outta control and Brian has been working like mad trying to get things wrapped up before winter. I have developed such an understanding of what my Mom went through with us. I have no idea how she did it...three kids, 2 hockey players, a figure skater, a full time job, housework, school functions...ya know how the list goes on and on. I can't even imagine what my life will be like in another couple of years when Carsyn and Gavin are in things. Zack is going to have to help with the driving...if he has time then with graduating and all. I know that is still a few years away but it feels like it's going so fast.
I know you all have busy lives do you balance it all? I feel like it's more hectic than busy...make sense? Like we are all just running from one thing to the next. However, we are still managing to have family dinners most of the week...even if they aren't as elaborate as they used to!
In all the running, I have been able to pick up some Christmas gifts...which is nice to feel like I have a bit of a grip on that.
We do have to get through Halloween though...pumpkins are almost done...had to do them is shifts as we all do one so it takes time. Will share pics next post...of the boys in costume too.
Gavin is being The Dark Knight Batman, Carsyn is being the Pilsbary Doughboy, Reilly wants to be a ghost and Zack is not dressing up. In fact, he isn't even planning on being home...made plans to go to a friends instead. Brian comes home tomorrow just in time for his favorite holiday!
I better's to do list is pretty long but it does include a nap so that's good ;)
Take care everyone, hope you are all well and I am going to do my nest to make blog rounds to those of you I have been neglecting...I am soooo very sorry. I still love ya though!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about everyone being sick. :o(
But thanks for letting us know how things are with you and your family.

Julie Duncan said...

Well compared to you, my life is not busy at all.

Rest up and get yourself to a Dr.Need I tell you that Strep,not looked after promptly can do bad things to you.Remember my friend that had water on her brain...ya well they have linked it to her Strep.So go now to the Dr!

Boo said...

Do you have a fever Laura? Strep is usually accompanied with a fever right? My throat has been sore for 3+ weeks now. My dr is booking into next month!!!!!

I don't know how you do with 4 boys, activities and working. I don't balance it very well. I get overwhelmed. Things are always left aside and it's usually the cleaning but I can't do it all.

Get better!

grover said... my dear are a master multi-tasker!!!!! YOu have alot going on!

MonaS! said...

colds and flus making the rounds at our house too! But your life sounds NUTS!!!! Take it easy my friend - you need some rest. I am exhausted just reading about all the things you are doing. Love ya girl!