Saturday, January 24, 2009

you guys are good

Nicole, as much as I would love to be able to scrap and hang with you girls, we are not moving to Winnipeg.
Vanessa, I WISH we were going back to Disney...especially after seeing one of the dvd's Brian made yesterday...all set to music and everything.
Joce, it has nothing to do with school or me going back.
Julie, nothing is changing with Brian's work nor mine.
Jocie, it's not scrap related either.

you guys have some pretty good guesses without me even giving you anything to go on!

I am working on just how I will share...clues, a game...hoping to post tomorrow evening.
It may not even be that exciting to you guys but we can't wait!!


Julie Duncan said...

FRIG LAURA!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a donkey with a carrot dangled in front of him,that he just can't quite

grover said...

(that is me being patient)

okay..paitence has run out..can't wait to see your hints/clues/game!