Thursday, September 3, 2009

life is a highway

and we've hit some speed bumps!
hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I'm still kicking around.
We have lots of stuff going on in our lives right now...some good...some not so good. None of it is terminal or anything like that we've just had some life stuff come up out of nowhere and are trying to deal with them...some days it's easier than others.
For those of you that have made friend requests on facebook, you wouldn't know that a couple of weeks ago, I posted that I wouldn't be continuing with facebook. It just wasn't my thing I guess. Plus, I am having a hard enough time posting on the blog while I try to keep my head above water.
I'll be back soon with a summer review, the bathroom and kitchen pics some of you are waiting *patiently* for and a start to our school year.
I hope you are all well and settling back into the grove of school, work, activities...ya
Miss ya all sooo much!!


Vanessa said...

Hey laura..darn those speed bumps hey!
Hope everything comes together okay and I guess I will wait patiently for those pics ;-) Take care!

Anonymous said...

HOpe everything is ok!
Facebook so wasn't my thing either, I deleted my account and haven't even missed it!

Julie said...

I hate speed bumps.I generally try to go heavy on the gas and fly over them,but sometimes it doesn't work:( I hope you are really OK.I called the other day,but you were at work.I'll be in touch again soon.(((HUGS)))

Jocie said...

Oh Laura....I also hate speed bumps....I hope everything is ok!! Good luck with the school year!

Amber said...

Hope everything is okay Laura!!!
Sending BIG HUGS your way!!!