Friday, October 9, 2009

a Cornucopia of things

sheesh...time flies! Not sure where the last threes went since I had the chance to post on the blog. Oh ya...I've been running between volleyball for 2 boys and hockey for one of those same kids..dealing with a son who hasn't been making the best of choices, working full time and attempting to keep the house some what clean. Seriously, people who tell me I'll miss this when their gone have got to be pulling my leg right?
I tried to take a day to scrapbook and managed to get a few layouts done for an online crop...felt sooo good to connect with my creative side and get a little me time (one might even say a sanity
forgot to add the journaling when I took this pic but have sinice done was about Brian playing craps the very first time in Vegas. It was something he wanted to do sooo bad...too bad he wasn't comfortable enough to try it until the last

this was for a challenge where you had to scrap down the middle of the page's the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney (yes I am still scrapping our trip to California)

I really wanted to get a clse up of Reilly's freckles (which I love) and he didn't want his pic taken but I got then anyway (gotta love a zoom lens)

lastly, this is M&M World in journaling required really but I am happy with how it turned out...

We are currently trying to decide what everyone is going to be for you have costumes for you and/or your kids? I only have 2 kids that need costumes and Gavin is thinking he might just wear Carsyn's old karate uniform and go as a black belt (which I would have to make but that's easy). Carsyn wants to be something creepy/scary so we'll see what we can find that would be appropriate for school. I really wanted to be Smurfette but am having a hard time finding what I need so instead I Might dress up as either Mario or Luigi (already bought a self adhesive mustache from the dollar store just in
Also need to get the fall yard work done but with the friggin cold weather and snow we've had this week it might all have to wait till Spring!
Brian and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on the 7th and are going out for dinner and to a movie *gasp* this weekend...looking so forward to that.
We also have hockey and volleyball but plan to make some time to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner...just the 6 of us and be grateful for the good stuff in our lives. I hope you can do the same with those you love!


Kelsey_N said...

Hey Laura,

Great looking layouts.

Congratulations on your anniversary! 14 years!! Hope you have a great dinner & movie date.

We're not doing Halloween this year - instead, we are going to the Michael Jackson documentary ... so we don't have any costumes. I'm sure that all your costumes will turn out great!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Vanessa said...

Hi Laura!
I am catching up on my blog reading! You did quite a few layouts there..looking good!
Good for Brian..I was much to chicken to try Craps..I could not figure out what the heck the deal was with that game!
Hope your doing well!

MonaS! said...

Awesome los my friend! We've been sick in our house, so scrapbooking has taken a backseat to fevers and coughs! Love your stuff tho!

Boo said...

Fabulous LOs!!!