Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review

I'm sure we're all thinking the same thing...where did it go? It sure flew by fast...another year has come and gone and with that it allows for some reflection on what was and some anticipation for what lies ahead.

2009 holds some great memories for us...our first family camping trip was a highlight. The excitement of purchasing supplies and packing up...the fun we had along the way...even more so once we got there. It really was an awesome time!!
I look forward to more of those kinds of adventures in 2010.

A major highlight for Brian and I was our trip to really can't be summed up into words. It was not only jammed packed with things to see and do, but it was like the honeymoon we never was great for our relationship..just us...away from it all at home. We are extremely grateful that my Mom took the time to come stay with the boys and is willing to consider it during Spring break so we can go again.

Once hockey and school sports ended, baseball for Carsyn and soccer for Gavin started. This kept us busy right till the end of school.

I had a great weekend in Winnipeg meeting up with friends to scrapbook and just hang out in June...seems this has become an annual event for me. One I look forward to more than the girls know.

We spent a lot of time hanging out in the backyard pool during our summer vacation...I am not sure I have ever looked more forward to those 2 months off than I did in '09. I love my job at the school but after being a stay at home mom for so long, returning to the work force full time/working with the kids I was a much needed break. It allowed me to be more prepared for going back in September.

The boys are growing up so fast...Zack started shaving this fall! He has also completed his drivers ed course but has not quite gotten around to booking his road test...not sure if that's teenage laziness or nerves. A definite highlight for him was being selected for a club volleyball team he tried out for in the city. It gets stared in January and runs till May. Reilly is still playing hockey and becoming quite the player. he also made the Jr. boys volleyball team with the school. He had his first crush and fell pretty hard when that ended. He's such a shy quiet "nice" guy that I am almost certain this is the first of many heart breaks for him. Carsyn had a rough start to 5th grade...maybe adjusting to the "big' school wasn't as easy for him as he thought. Good news is, he seems to be settling in finally. He also started with electric guitar lessons this fall and is loving not so much when he's practicing at! Mix that in with Gavin's drum lessons and the noise level in this house increases substantially! Gavin is experiencing great success in 2nd grade and is loving not having me work in his class this year!

Brian is still sub contracting and away from home a lot. It's getting harder on all of us instead of easier and is going to hopefully change this a bit when he renews his contract at the beginning of the new year.

All in all, '09 was good to us and we look forward to what 2010 holds.

May the New Year be everything you want it to be and more!!


MonaS! said...

What a great update! I hope your 2010 is as good as '09 was for you too! Love ya!

Vanessa said...

Happy New Year Laura!
What a great recap-it was a eventful year for you guys!

Julie said...

Happy New Year Laura :) You had a great year in 2009. I hope the same for you in 2010.

Amber said...

Wishing you all the best in 2010!!! Hope to see you again this Spring!!!!!

Lori said...

Loved reading that, great recap - thanks for sharing!
Hoping for the best for all of you in 2010 and hoping Brian can work out a better contract that works for all of you.
Happy New Year - All the best for 2010!