Thursday, March 11, 2010

tick tock

wow...time is sure flying by...haven't posted here in over a month...that's kinda embarrassing actually. The truth is though, I just haven't had a lot of free time since the new year began.
Zack making the club volleyball team keeps us very busy, hockey 4 days a week and music lessons twice each week makes me think we should install a revolving door and set up the kitchen with those warmer trays you see at buffets...would make it easier with all the coming and going around here. Things *should* start to slow a little now that hockey is finished...well at least until the younger two start soccer!
I had such a great start to the year with my 2010 word "organize" and that too has faded off. This is a must for me to get re focused on as I do not want to spend my summer vacation doing tings around here this year. Hoping that with this first weekend free coming up to tackle a good chunk of the garage and getting Casryn's room repainted. Would love to find time to scrapbook too as the Wednesday night thing has kinda fallen to the side as well. Watching 2 straight weeks of the Olympics at night sure didn't help anything around here either. I couldn't help myself....we watched more of these Olympics than any others...must be partly cause they were on home soil! Was hard not to feel all that Canadian pride hey!!
In just over a week, Reilly officially hits the teens! He seems pretty excited about being a teenager. I guess I'll take some comfort in that too and blame his hormones for the changes in his!
Lastly, it's all of a sudden only 17 more days till Brian and I leave for Vegas!!
I'd say we are just as excited this time as we were last year. We have tickets to see Phantom and booked a tour of the Grand Canyon. Hoping to see the Beatles Love by Cirque de Solei as well. Will hit a few of our favs from last year aaaannnnd, I get to go shopping at the outlets this time!!!
Now I gotta run or I'll be late for work.
Miss you all, take care!


Vanessa said...

Heyyyy Laura :-)
You have been super always keeping us on our toes hey!
We were so into the Olympics as well-we watched daily-never have done that in past, the coverage was really good :-)
We hit the outlets in Vegas--the one down past the Tropicana is nothing to write home about, I wish I would have had time to go to the other is off the strip when you are heading downtown. We did go the Fashion Show Mall and got some good stuff there ;-)
You guys have fun--go see LOVE, it is fantastic!

Julie said...

You are such a busy women, I am not nearly as busy and my blog gets neglected too.Life Happens.

Looks like fun times ahead for you.Enjoy your vacation and I can't wait to hear about it.

Jocie said...

Hey Laura!!

Just popping in to say Have FUN in VEGAS!!!