Saturday, January 22, 2011

can it be?

I have had some time to get reacquainted with my creative side and boy did it feel good! Like therapy...maybe not cheaper but way more fun!
this layout was for a "think inside the box" challenge

these were some street performers we saw on our 2nd trip to Vegas

a shot of some houses in "the Hills"...pic taken from Universal Studios

one of our fave hot spots on the Vegas strip...more so mine than Brian's as he's not into country music but he sure does enjoy his "Toadsuck Pond" and "deep fried snickers"

this was what I came up with for a "gift card holder"'s for out librarian at school who is also a great friend

this one is pretty special to me...we were at our family reunion last summer and the family members that organized it, had balloons, pencils/paper strips and helium for us to write a note to those loved ones no longer with us. Those of that wanted to sent our letters off towards heaven...


Julie said...

I hope your mojo is contagious! I love your layouts.

Now I am drooling over deep fried snickers!!!! Not too sure what a toad suck pond is though....I'm assuming a drink.

Love the idea of the balloons sent off to heaven:( I'd have to send a hot air one with all I would want to say to my dad.

melody said...

fabulous los chickie! that photo in the first lo almost makes it look 3D ~ so kewl! and love the added heart and and wings..nice touch..and what a fabulous idea to write the love notes to the loved ones no longer with you ~ that's so special