Saturday, September 8, 2007

good stuff

Just thought I would share some good things that have been happening...
The kids are back into the swing of things with school and having a routine (I must admit I am liking having one They all seem happy with their teachers and classmates so that gives me hope the year will be a good one...we are only 4 days in but hey...a girls gotta
dream right!!
After some tears in the eyes, Gavin had a great orientation day on Wednesday. He's been beyond excited to go to school, even more so after we bought his school shoes (he'd put them on as soon as he woke up and come out of his room wearing them and just his While I was buckling him into the van he told me he was scared. I gave him the usual speal about nothing to be afraid of...blah...blah...blah. He was a bit apprehensive at first but when I left he was doing ok. When I got back to pick him up, he looked at me over his shoulder and said, "Mom, I'm not scared anymore." I was relieved to hear that. He was however, pretty mad that he had to leave his shoes at school and that he has to wait 5 sleeps to go back. I'm hoping that Monday, his first official day will be an easy adjustment.
Some good things are also in the works for Brian regarding work...nothing confirmed yet so I don't want to jinx it by putting it out there but I will share as soon as something concrete happens.
And that leaves me...after being in somewhat of a funk lately, I think I have perhaps snapped out of it. I don't mean a creative funk either, although that has been affected by my life-in-general-funk. It's been hard adjusting to living here over the last 2 years (for me not anyone else in my family) and sometimes I let it get the better of me and it brings me down. But...this week I took a step to change that and put myself out there a bit in regards to meeting other parents and making plans with them, calling up a friend to have lunch and even committing to crop at the end of the month. Last night, another friend and I went to Scrapfest and did some shopping after grabbing a bite to eat but most importantly...we laughed like school girls and it was fabulous. I am also looking forward to meeting some of my online friends at a crop soon. I am kind of a social gal and I know that has been the hardest thing for me...not having people to spend time with, scrap with and just have fun with. Things are definitely looking up and my spirits have lifted....that's some good stuff.
Oh, another good thing...actually it's kinda cool...last night when my friend and I were shopping, we saw some ladies we met at a crop we attended for National Scrapbook was pretty cool they remembered us too. We exchanged email addys and hopefully could hook up with them for a crop.
And last,fellow scrapbookers, check this's too cool. I think she's on too something! I was in it last night and the set up is amazing!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone...I'm off to scrap!


grover said...

it is good to get out there--and great that you have a hobby that is so "social" kwim!
i know it can be hard though--and sometimes easier to not do things-if that makes any sense-can't quit explain what i mean--but i know how you feel..

sounds like you had some good times though this weekend..that is awesome!

Stacy said...

i am so glad you came we had a blast no scrappping got doen friday but saturday i must had a score to settle i did 4 los and journal book i will post later lol!!

heike said...

Laura, glad to hear that you are out there being social. As mothers we sometimes get so caught up in family stuff that we forget about ourselves.
Hope the boys settle back into school and your little one loves school. :)

Sherri said...

Hey Laura,

Yes I hope to get together soon and meet up finally! Looking forward to it. I know what you mean about "life~funk" sometimes getting us down, and definitely just a little bit of socializing once in a while helps with that. Glad you got to Scrapfest, sorry we couldn't meet up there but hopefully at a crop sometime soon. Take care and hope you have a fabulous week this week ~ sounds like so far so good!