Thursday, September 13, 2007

leaving on a jet plane...

in the morning I am on my way to visit my friend Chrystal for the weekend in beautiful British Columbia. Weather is supposed to be warm enough for the beach...can you imagine (those of you that live where we've had the heat on and the kids wore gloves to school this week understand how far fetched that may I am also hoping to meet up with my long lost friend Tera...we haven't seen each other since were 8 yrs old and lost touch 16 years ago. We recently reconnected via my brother and facebook (no I am still not a Turns out she lives about 45 minutes from Chrystal so we are both hoping that there is time to squeeze in a visit...even coffee at Timmies would be good enough...just to see each other!
Anyway, I will share it all when I get back. I'll have an update on the men in my life then too.
For now, I need to finish putting stuff in my suitcase and making sure I comply with all the regulations so noone feels me up at!! Have a great weekend everyone!


MonaS! said...

Have fun in B.C. - hopefully the weather holds up for ya. Anything is better than the cold we are having here! Take care girl! Love ya!

Sherri said...

Have an awesome time in BC ~ enjoy the weather, and bring back stories haha.

And see Facebook can be a good thing! haha Believe me ha

Have an awesome weekend!

heike said...

Have a great time, Laura. :)