Monday, October 1, 2007

drum roll please...we have a huge announcement to make...

We have started our own company...well my name is on the paperwork so that counts right and today is the first day for Brian to be his own boss (well, at least in his professional!) He left this morning at 4:30 in this...his brand new 2007 GMC Sierra!

The best part for me is that is seats all 6 of us. We might be getting a trailer in the spring (I've already started looking!!) now that we have something to pull it with.
So this is why I have been MIA in blogland...we've been pretty busy with all the yadda yadda yadda that goes along with having your own business.
Anyway, we are excited and a bit nervous about it but believe it was the right thing to do!

What is underway for Reilly and going well so far! He made the A team this year so we have a bit more traveling to do than previously but still shouldn't be too bad. Carsyn is patiently waiting for the local (in the next town over) pool to open back up so he can start swimming lessons. He wants to get his snorkeling and scuba diving certificates when he's a bit older. Gavin is enthralled with Kindergarten...loves it and his teacher. Last week, we went on a field trip to the fire station and they got a little fireman's hat to keep, spray the hose, try on some gear and we all got a ride back to the school in a firetruck!! It was pretty cool. This week, his class is having a harvest tea on Wednesday, so I'll be going to that. The kids also participated in the Terry Fox run at school and the information leading up to the actual run really had an impact on Gavin. He came home and talked about Terry Fox and having a fake leg because of the cancer and how he needed money from people to beat the cancer. He made some phone calls to his family and they were all so touched by his 'speal' almost made me cry. Zack! Doing well in school, anxiously awaiting basketball season and being a huge asset to me around this house. With Brian being away, he really steps up to the plate and helps with the boys and some chores...and he can do all that while texting his buddies!!
In scrappy news, I went to an all day crop over the weekend and ended up with a teaching gig. The ladies want me to teach classes so...I'm going to do it! We have been talking about making our attached garage a family/rec room but we are now going to make it a scrap studio and I'll teach from home. Until it's done though, I'm just going to find a church basement maybe to use. I could actually do it in my kitchen as it will be smaller classes to accommodate some ladies daytime schedules and others in the evenings or weekends. Anyway, I am really excited about that. I'm also, I think...putting in an application to be an Educational Assistant at our elementary school. I've done up a resume and am just waiting on clearance checks to come back saying I'm fit to work with children!!! I'll keep ya posted about that.
Anyway, I'm going to make the rounds and visit you all to see what you've been up to.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on having youre own business and love the truck!

Stacy said...

i was hoping you were lol!!!! not anyways congrats on the new business !!

Julie said...

Wow! all kinds of things going on for you. Congrats on the business and your scrap teaching gig. I love your boys names. They sound like great kids Laura:)

grover said...

way to go!!!!!
lots of exciting stuff happening for you--that is wonderful!

Boo said...

Congrats on the business for dh and for your teaching! That is great! Sounds like the boys keep you pretty busy with all their activities.

I'd love to be an educational aid too. Just don't know where to start. Not sure I'm ready to leave my good paying job to do something I'd rather be doing.

heike said...

All the best for your new business venture. Hope it goes really well for you. ;)

heike said...

Forgot to say huge congrats on your teaching gig. :)