Monday, May 19, 2008

home from Miami...

Manitoba that is!!

(Now that the trip updates are complete, I can get back to regularly scheduled blogging.)

So, back to my update.
I wanted to post before I left but as you can see, that didn't happen. In fact , most of you probably didn't even know I was!
This past long weekend, I hopped on a plane with an online friend and headed off to Winnipeg to meet more online friends. Call me crazy, but it was something I wanted to do soooo badly and it turned out to be amazing!! Some of us came from all over Canada, by plane, by bus and by car to meet live and in person at a crop.
I had such a fabulous's almost indescribable actually!
I was nervous excited leading up to the flight but it ended up being for nothing.
A bunch of us met for dinner and drinks at "The Forks" on Friday, attended the crop on Saturday and a few of us had brunch together on Sunday before flying home.
Of course this is the coles notes version but most of you that read my blog were there so you have all the!!

In other family news, Zack is officially registered for high school!!! did that happen?! He decided he wanted to go for an academic diploma versus a general one so that means a lot of buckling down and hard work for the next 3 years.
Gavin is almost finished Kindergarden...he'll graduate on the 20th of June. Like that won't be a tear jerker of a day!
Carsyn and Reilly are doing well with school...both looking forward to summer!
Football is getting underway for Carsyn and he's sooo excited about that. Will be fun to watch no doubt.
Brian has been hard at work...long hours and many days in a row before getting a couple at home. He's starting a 7 on 3 off schedule...will be nice to have some sort of schedule and being able to plan ahead a bit.
I've been subbing quite a bit at our elementary school...lovin every minute of that. Hoping (I think) to get on there full time in the fall.

For some reason I thought this post might be longer since I haven't blogged about anything but our trip in quite some time....humph...guess we don't have that much going on even though we seem sooo!
Anywoo, hope you're all well and that you enjoyed your May long weekend! Take care.


grover said...

high school! it is a big step--for the mom'!! i felt the same way last year when K was starting..but so far the year has gone pretty good-so happy about that.

laura-i am soooo glad you were able to make it out for the crop-it was awesome to meet you-hopefully we can all meet up again at some point!

Sherri said...

Wow that sounds like a fun and fabulous idea ~ so glad you took advantage of it and got to meet some online buddies ~ like I hope to meet up with you one day myself :-)

High school, yes I had a few heartfelt moments seeing my kid head out the door on that day too ~ and next year is his graduation which just makes my legs shake, they grow too fast just too fast.


Boo said...

It was fabulous meeting you and spending time with you Laura!!! I had a fantastic time as well!

High school! WOW!! A whole new step in life.

redmom said...

It was SO fantastic meeting you IRL Laura!! I'm very happy that you made it out to hang with us all here in Manitoba! Love ya babe!

And I still can't get over you have a child old enough to be going into High School!

Julie Duncan said...

I can't wait to hear more about your trip to Miami,whenever we can connect via