Friday, May 30, 2008

goodness to share...

well...we've had some good times and happenings since my last post, which is why it's been awhile since I've been here.

First of all, Carsyn has started Spring camp for football...he is SO excited!! I am so happy for him...finally he has something that is just his..his "thing" if you will. Last weekend, he got his equipment on Saturday and had his first day of camp on Sunday. He looks so cute in his gear...have a peek (ignore the messy kitchen in the background, I hadn't been home
(this is just his practice gear...his actual uniform is really nice)

Sunday, it was drizzling and windy so I didn't get any pictures of him actually doing football drills. Our house is big on football and so this is perfect for him. One of the reasons I was looking forward to it, was because it would be warmer than a hockey rink....well not today that's for sure! Oh well...all part of being a Mom to a bunch of!!!

Next, I got a surprise phone call from my Grandpa the other day. He was 45 minutes away and wanted to stop by for a visit the next day. Now, this is a big deal because over the course of my life, we haven't been that close due to family circumstances. However, over the last few years, we've been making a connection and getting to know each other so I was over the moon that he was stopping in for a visit. I kept the boys home from school that morning, just in case he didn't stay the whole day (good thing cause he left shortly after lunch).
I took some pics of him with the boys, and Grandpas lady friend took some of the 4 boys and me with Grandpa however, I should have used the tripod cause her hands were a bit shaky and the pics are blurry. Shouldn't be too hard to fix with some editing.
My Grandpa is such a goof...he started making funny faces and the boys joined right in...

His visit won't soon be forgotten!

Next, I decided I needed ( a shopping day...for something other than groceries! It's been awhile since I walked around, in and out of stores just cause.
So, while the boys were all in school, I headed off to the big city and had a FABULOUS me day!! Well, I didn't get too much for myself but I shopped in the stores I wanted to without anyone telling me they were bored or it was taking too long...that's a treat if you ask me!
I found some fun stuff for my yard at I love that store. There is more that I would like to get but I'll save that for another day. Here's a pic of the stuff I bought so these stars and fake rocks! The sign is for Grandpa Bud (mom's husband)...he's a self proclaimed grouch so I thought this was perfect for the boys to give!! The little rock says, "all things grow with love"

and what would a me day be without a trip to the scrapbook store!
I am working really hard to get all the Disney character pages finished by the end of the school year cause the boys want to take the album for show 'n' share and I've been looking for a few specific things and thought I would have some luck at a bigger store in a bigger center than I've been shopping...I was right! Not only did I get most of the things I was looking for...look what else I found...

I am absolutely in love with the male/female symbols right now so I actually think I squealed out loud when I saw these tickets by Jenni Bowlin and then the acrylic stamps by Scenic Route. Now, to find a way to use them!!

I've got more to share but you'll have to wait till next time.
My coffee needs a refill and my scrap supplies are calling...and you absolutely cannot ignore the mojo when it's calling...right!!

Have a great weekend all!!


Boo said...

Oh my, such a handsome football player! Love the way he is posing for the camera! LOL

Isn't shopping your "you" a great thing? I love those trips. Love those stars! Where will you put them?

Great scrapbook finds! I have yet to see those tickets anywhere..... have fun scrapping!!!

grover said...

ohhh i love those sb goodies..what a awesome find!

i would love to visit a store like rafters..sounds like it is full of all kinds of neat things.

laura..that photo of the boys and gramps is a hoot!!!!

Sherri said...

Yep it really hits home that your kids are growing when you see them in sports uniforms doesn't it??!!

Love all the goodies that you bought, I love Rafters too, didn't even know it existed until I started my second job in a mall haha, and now watch out. Perfect for a crafty mom yep yep.

I bought some chipboard ladies and gents too! Didn't get the tags/tickets yet but that is because I was too busy buying new patterned paper haha ~ never ending feast out there I say!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Deborah said...

omg. I'm so jealous of your JB tickets!!!

Nicole said...

OMG!!! I need those tickets!!! Love the pic of your boys and grandpa! Such a hoot!

MonaS! said...

LOVING the scrapping stuff! The photos of your boys and grampa are hilarious!!!

Hey, quick question for you - which hotel did you stay at when you were at Disney?!