Tuesday, June 17, 2008

celebrate good times...come on

we have lot's to celebrate in the month of June!
Brian's birthday is the first, Carsyn's birthday is the 9th

we gave him a Nintendo DS...he was beyond excited! It's a pretty cool device but I think the fact that he got one before any of his brothers made it extra special!!!
Him and three friends will be seeing Kung Fu Panda today for his party!

Then, Father's Day...the boys made Dad an extra large "Sundae on Sunday" (a weekly tradition at our house). It was so big, he couldn't even finish it! It's in the freezer waiting for him the next time he makes it home.

Now, Kindergarden Graduation isn't a regular June event at our house but it is this year. Gavin will be graduating on Friday...isn't he too cute in his cap and gown?

We'll be having company for the big event...my Mom and my Grandma will be arriving on Thursday. A few sets of our neighbors will be attending the ceremony as well. What our guests don't know, is that Gavin was chosen by his teacher to lead the class in the singing of O Canada, with the mic, at the beginning of the ceremony. I am soooo excited for him! My fear is that he'll think he's playing Rock Band and belt it out...lol!! I'm sure however he does, will be great! Watch for pics to come of that.
Then, on the 30th, Zack will celebrate his birthday! Fifteen years old!!! Can't believe it!

See what I mean...June is crazy busy for us and that's without all the year end activities/field trips and studying for finals!

Well, if I am going to take 4 9 year olds to a movie, I should get off the computer and get ready to go!

Over and out!


Anonymous said...

He is too cute in that cap and gown!! That looks like it would take a while to eat that big sundae. hehehe
Hope you do get some time to relaxe.

Stacy said...

love the new look around here i am working on a new template mine got old lol!!! and tell everyone happy birthday!!!and happy graduation!!

grover said...

busy month for you there chickee!!
lots of good times making for good memories!

btw--i LOVE your blog header!!!

Boo said...

WOW, June is busy for you!!!! You need a vacation after all that! ;o)

Sherri said...

Hey my friend ~ sounds like you have a very busy June - did I count three guys in your family having birthdays?! Wow - love the cap and gown on the mr little graduate ~ that is beyond sweet.

Hope you are having an awesome beginning to summer, cheers :-)

Julie Duncan said...

LOL........I just noticed your blog header.I love it.

Gavin is so stinking cute in his cap.

You better rest up after this month!

Anonymous said...

How cute was Gavin in his graduation gown. Wish we'd do this here.
Heike x