Sunday, June 8, 2008

sheesh...over a week since my last post...that's not good!
I ended up with a cold and a touch of the flu that took me out for most of the last week, plus Brian was home for 4 days so we were busy with house and yard stuff!
Carsyn had 2 days of football last weekend, which was interesting to watch. He's loving it though, so that's good!
Brian celebrated his 41st birthday...we enjoyed a yummy DQ ice cream cake!!!
Carsyn is turning 9 tomorrow and this devilishly handsome young man will be 15 at the end of the month!

It's almost as bad as Christmas as far as spending goes around here for June...don't forget Father's Day falls in there too!!!

I was surprised that Zack let me take these pics actually but he did and they'll be appearing in a layout coming soon! It's harder to get pics of your kids as they get least I am finding that anyway. I'm not around at the school events near as often and heaven forbid you bring out the camera when he's got guys!!

So, the yard is looking are coming along nicely! Love having color in the yard! Our patio should hopefully be built and ready to enjoy for our Canada celebrations we're hosting. A few other details are being taken care of on Bri's next set of days off (if he gets them) and then I'll share some pics.
I'll also be sharing the layouts of the characters we met while on our holiday...mostly Disney but some from Universal Studios as well. I wanted to get them done before the school year ended cause the boys want to take the album for show and share...I think there are only 3 left to do!

I've been subbing at the school...a lot...and I love it!!
The boys are anxiously awaiting for the 27th when, and I quote, "Schools out for summer!!" However, they need to get through their exam schedule first. Zack and Reilly have a pretty intense week+ of tests to write. Gavin will be done on the 20th, after his graduation ceremony. His cap and gown photos came post I'll scan and share that too.

We need to get ready to head off to a birthday party, so I gotta run!

Till next time....I'll be seeing ya!!


Anonymous said...

Love your new Blog! Your son is a handsome one. Love the shots.

grover said...

i hear you on the 15 yr old can be the same way!
but occasionally he lets me do a little photo shoot!

Great shots you got there!

Julie Duncan said...

You boy is handsome.Where does the time go eh? Can't wait to see your next disney LO's.

Sherri said...

Sounds like you and your family are on the go as usual ~ will have to post some pics of your backyard once you get that deck or patio done -

Great pics of your oldest ~ I agree seems so much harder to get good ones of them the older they get, keep telling mine "well that is why I scrapbook the nieces and nephews more, they are still small enough we can get good pics haha"

Hope you are enjoying your June so far :-)

Scrappytbear said...

very neat what a lot of news :) great photos :)