Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bittersweet moments

Gavin learned how to ride a 2 wheeler today!!
He just decided he was ready so I took the training wheels off and we headed over to the basketball court (I taught the other boys how to ride on one too cause the concrete has a bit more give). The whole family decides to come and cheer him on.
So we get there, I hold the bike for him to get his foot on, tell him to start with the pedal that's on the top and off he goes.

Just like that. We were all shocked it was that easy for him.
I was a bit sad...this is just one more thing that I won't do that "one more time" like it's been up till now.
In no time at all he was trying to lay skid marks on the concrete...even stopping a few times to get off his bike and have a! Yeppers...he's all boy!!

A few other details to share but I'll wait till the next post...this one is all about Gavin and his accomplishment today!


Stacy said...

congrats mr man way to go !!! i know what you mean about that i hate them growing up some times!!

redmom said...

WTG Gavin!!! They sure do grow up fast don't they.

grover said...

that is awesome!
a big moment :-)
love the series of photos!

Boo said...

Woohoo Gavin! Awesome! Super day for you but sad for Mom.... ah... she'll get over it. LOL

Love the photos Laura! The first and 2nd ones are my fave!


Anonymous said...

WTG, Gavin. No stopping him now. All our kids have learnt on the tennis court, nice and soft.
Heike x