Monday, July 14, 2008

some layouts to share

been awhile since I shared anything scrappy...these are a few recent pages. I am still going to upload the rest of the character pages from our trip so you can see them too!

I am hoping to do some more scrapping soon now that the patio is finally built! Brian will be gone for 10 days so I should have some time to be one with my stash and get a few layouts done or even other projects completed! If I don't get any done before he comes home for a week, I won't have time as we'll be tackling more house and yard jobs while he's home.
So the patio...I can't wait to show it to have to wait till we get the dirt pile out of the way and I get some planters put around it and finish making it purty! We are in love with it...the pattern the bricks were laid in Brian designed and our friend (from now on I'll call him had never seen before in his 11 years of working with paving stones. We'd just be finishing it I'm sure if we hadn't had the help we did! I seriously have a new found appreciation for what he does for a's a talent there's no doubt about it! After we were done, we celebrated with a steak dinner on the's so nice to have a place now rather than the lawn! Next year...we'll do it all over again as we make a space for our hot tub! (just kidding...we're building a wood deck to go around that! We'll never do a project of this magnitude again!)
So, in some ways,we took a step or two back with the mess we made building the patio but it'll be totally worth it when it all comes together next year!

Not much else to share...we've been consumed by this backyard project we haven't done too much else since my last post.
The boys and I are thinking about heading to my Mom's for a few days while Brian is away and then meet back up with him on his next set of days off...not sure I want to travel for 8 hours...alone...with 4 kids and a dog! But we'll see.

So, I guess, that's it for now.
Over and out!


Stacy said...

very cute los!!!!!

Julie Duncan said...

Love your layouts.Especially the "Who Farted" one....LOL.

Boo said...

Super LOs Laura!!! Your boys are awesome kids!

Oh, I can't wait to see the patio! I love interlock for a patio. That is what we have but it was here when we bought this house and it's not my style but I know how much work (and money) goes into it. I won't be changing it. When we move into our 'final' home, I'll get it done to my liking. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous lo. Can't wait to see some pics of your patio.
Heike x