Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm the happiest girl today the online crop wasn't as productive as I had hoped bowever, the deadline for uploading layouts isn't until this Saturday coming so I am hoping to do more this week. Here are the 2 pages I did manage to accomplish...

(click image if you want to see a larger version)

The weekend was just too busy with hockey and 3 of the 4 boys ended up with plans Saturday evening so I was driving them here and there. This week is actually pretty busy too but Brian is on days off so he's here to help.

I was offered a job today at my youngest sons' elementary school...and I am ecstatic!! I was there volunteering in Gavin's grade 1 class when the VP asked if she could speak to me. She has requested more hours for support staff and so far they have given her 2 hours a day and she offered it to me. It could turn into more or not but either way, I am thrilled to have my foot a little further in the door. It's a great balance for me at this time in our a little and still be here with the kids and keep up with the house and extra curricular things with the boys.

Here's to a fabulous week!!


grover said...

I love your layouts laura..they are fantastic!!!!!
Congrats again on the job!

Boo said...

Those LOs ROCK Laura!!! I love the first one the most! I'm very much a journalling girl and that is just beautiful!

Congrats on the job. That is awesome!

redmom said...

Love the layouts, that pink layout is so freaking fantastic!!!