Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more firsts at our house

Gavin lost his first tooth...

he was sooo excited. He called to tell my Mom and went across the street to tell the was kinda cute. Until they told him that they thought the toothfairy gives $10 for the first lost tooth....not at this house she doesn'!! He was very excited she left him a toonie!!

for the very first time...all 4 of the boys had about a busy time of the day!! We may have to break it up so that the younger 2 go first and then the older 2 cause it was really hard to help the three that needed it...Zack had a couple of questions too but seriously...algebra...go ask the!!!

Gavin loved having homework...he kept saying so and the boys kept looking at him like he head three heads and Brian was in the living room calling him a nerd. What a Daddy! He was just teasing and for those of you that don't know Brian...he's like that...a lot!!

and...a few of my layouts are being shared on Scrap the Teenz

I am experiencing my first full day as a SAHM with kids who are in school all day and no hubby here to bug me either...have no idea what I'm going to do but I will try to enjoy it before they all come home and the chaos!

Have a great day everyone.


Stacy said...

ok telling the neighbours lol!!! anyways you had better talk to the tooth fairy we get 5 over here lol!!! and enjoy your sahm status its a great thing !!!!!

Boo said...

Great photos Laura! Love them all doing their homework.

Was the tooth fairy good to Gavin???

Scrappytbear said...

very awesome photos! My kids love homework still, I hope it never rubs off them :)
ENVY on the SAH with no kids lol enjoy that time so you can remember it!

Jocie said...

I have to tell ya...the tooth fairy in our parts give $10 for the first tooth as well :) BUT only the first after that its $2...:)