Friday, December 12, 2008


Busy working. Busy with the kids. Busy getting ready for the holidays (which are approaching way to fast for my liking these days).
But even though we are extra busy at this time of year, I am not stressing about it. It is what it is and I am ok with that. I am going to enjoy the Christmas season whether I get everything done on my list or not. It's not really about all of the gifts and the baking anyway right? It's about family and being with those you really care about. And traditions. Brian and I are big on traditions around here (our sundaes on Sunday, pizza Friday, family game night etc). Even more so during this time of year. I am thrilled to announce that we are renewing one of our favorites...a sleighride on Christmas Eve. We did this for 5 years before moving and didn't know of a place around here where we could do such a thing but we have found one and we are thrilled. We have some special friends coming with us, we'll sing carols and read a story. Followed by a gathering at our house for appetizers and drinks...I can hardly wait.
Another fave with the kids is our gingerbread house that hopefully we'll get to this weekend (in between all the hockey we have). I'll share pics of the process!
I still have some baking to do so the kids can leave Santa homemade oreos (and coke) but they don't take too long so it shouldn't be an issue. Oh and I will whip up a batch of sugar plums. Anything other than that is a bonus (and not really a
I haven't really scrapped since starting work full time but I do plan to over the break. I also plan to make as many trips to Ikea as necessary to get this house in order!!
I need to run, we have to be at the rink in an hour for Reilly's next game of the tournament. Have a good weekend everyone...stay warm and travel safe!


grover said...

Your sleigh ride tradition sounds like so much the kids love that!!

Your right..the holidays can be so much fun-no need to stress over what we 'have to get done' right..just enjoy it as it comes--i totally agree!!

Boo said...

I love your family traditions Laura!! It makes me happy to hear that even with teenage boys - you still do these things! Your boys will definitely have great traditions to bring to their own families one day.

Miss you. It's been hectic for me too. Not getting a lot of chatting time but I think of everyone often.

Happy holidays if I don't get to wish you as the day approaches.