Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hi-ho-hi-ho...a camping we will go

The 6 of us are heading out this weekend to a family reunion (for my side) in SK and we are sooo excited to be camping for the first time as a family. Some may look at us like we are off our rockers cause we are roughin' it in a tent but we can't wait. We've had a practice run setting it up and taking it down...same with the screen house we bought for eating and hanging out in if the weather sucks. I've spent quite a bit of time on the net and found some great tips & tricks as well as a campers checklist which helped in the purchasing of stuff that is needed and useful without getting all caught up in buying everything but the kitchen sink. I did cross the line perhaps when I discovered that the dollar store had tea towels/dishcloths etc in colors that matched the tent..same with the plates/bowls/cups. If nothing else, our site will look pretty. I'll share some snapshots when we get back. It's going to be so much fun.
This will be the highlight of our summer so far as the weather has been kinda off and on so we haven't enjoyed as much time in the pool as we usually do in July. Speaking of pools, Carsyn and Gavin start swimming lessons next week when we get back.
Zack is also starting drivers ed...15 hours of in class instruction followed by a test he has to get at least 80% on and then he moves onto the actual driving part of the course. Holy cow expensive but worth it in the end....we think!
I've been busy this last 10 days getting things purged and organized around in here in the hopes of going back to work full time at the end of August easier...it's been a lot of work but very much worth it. Where does all this crap come from anyway cause I am sure I did this about 6 months ago!
I wish I had something far more exciting to share but I don't.
Thanks for stopping by though.


Nicole said...

have fun!!! i know you were looking forward to it!!!

Vanessa said...

laura...you and the boys will have a great time! I hope you guys have great weather for your time there :-)
Are those the lessons he is taking in the city? Hope they go well!

p.s you asked about Vegas..yes your list was super helpful! we did book a show already-we are going to see LOVE at the Mirage. And for sure this gal is hitting the oulets..whoohoo!

Amber said...

Have a blast Laura!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it - hope the weather smartens up for your trip!

Julie said...

How exciting Laura! I love to go tenting.Mind you, I'm not as prepared as you are going to be.Never thought of matching tea towels.....lol

You sure are busy! Makes the summer go by way fast eh?

Jocie said...

Have an awesome time camping Laura!! I know you will :)