Tuesday, August 11, 2009

never fear...I'm still here...lol!
Just been busy doing a bathroom reno...that is sooo close to be doing finished.
It's so pretty and calming...the soaker tub is sooo awesome! Even though the bathroom isn't 100% complete, Brian did encourage me to try out the new tub and I gotta say...I'm in heaven! I for see a lot of down time in my future!
I am so excited to report that I scrapbooked...first page since mid June. It felt so good to get in touch with my creative side even for just an afternoon.
It's hard to believe that we are going back to school in 3 weeks. I haven't bought any school supplies or clothes and from what I saw at the stores today...I'm wishing I would have bought them all as soon as school was out in June...it was nuts!
We'll be busy with eye appointments, shopping, finishing the bathroom and working on the kitchen (finally picked a paint color for the cupboards) that the rest of our summer is going to fly by.
Hope you are all enjoying your summer and making some great memories!


Nicole said...

Hope we get to see pics of the new bathroom!!! I bet you had a busy summer.. I know.. it went by fast for me too!

Vanessa said...

okay..I HAVE to see pics of the kitchen when you are done..and the bathroom too!
sounds like it has been super busy for you..school is creeping up fast-got the supply shopping done myself last week--whoohoo!

Amber said...

Glad your renos went well and you are loving that soaker tub!!! Enjoy the few weeks before school starts!

MonaS! said...

Can't wait to see photos of the new bathroom! You sound as busy as we have been. Just got back from the Peg and am settling in back home. Going baqck to work in pretty short order here, but I wanted to say Hi and that I have missed ya all summer. I am actually scrapbooking today and looking forward to it! Pop in at my place and say hi!

eva said...

You'll have to post photos when you're done the renos!! Can't wait to see those ;)

scrapbugger said...

Ahhh...soaker tub!!! Heaven!

Looks and sounds like you had a great camping trip!

Can't wait to see pics of the renos!

Boo said...

You will LOVE your tub on cold winter days!!!!! I know that is when I use mine most.

Can't wait to see photos!!

Sherri said...

Thanks for saying you missed me Laura ~ looking forward to catching up again and hopefully we can get together one of these days soon and meet ~ hope you are having an awesome summer - we shall chat soon! :)