Monday, July 12, 2010

been there...done that (for the most part)

Vegas 2010 day 3

I wanted to sleep in sooo bad today after coming back from the Grand Canyon exhausted. However, Brian was up and raring to go at 7:30....this is where our compromising skills come in...he went to play blackjack for a couple hours leaving me to sleep in. Upon his return, I was enjoying that big in floor soaker tub!
So, we head off to brunch and then roam the strip for a bit...checking out some things we saw last year and really liked. Stopped in at Toby Keith's for a the Georgia Peach!! Ended up on Freemont street for a bit. We were kinda bored *gasp* I can you be bored in Vegas? So, we watched the light show, checked out a couple casino's we didn't go in last year then headed back to the strip. Had some supper and were off to see 'Jubilee'

Now, I had no idea what to expect...all I knew was the show was a topless, old style Vegas show. This was something Brian wanted to see ( and being it's held at our hotel and we got 2 for 1 I thought what the heck. The performance in general was actually pretty good and the costumes were really cool. However, I could have done without the boobies. Brian said after awhile he hardly noticed (ya right!) Gambled a bit at the Paris then called it a night.

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