Wednesday, August 18, 2010

don't knock it till you try it

I'm talking about camping!
Up until the last year, camping was one of those things I did with my parents a few times and it was alright but I was also at an age where I wanted to be at home with friends on weekends and not packed into the back seat of the truck, with my brothers, heading off to who knows where just so I could camp. Once I was able to stay home for the weekend alone instead of going camping...I did!!
It was never really anything Brian and I discussed either as our lives blended together. Until last year that is...
You may or may not remember that I blogged about attending a family reunion last year and how it was a camping thing etc. Overall, it wasn't the greatest outdoor experience as the mosquitoes were really bad, the noise from the Trans Canada highway and those dam "Darth Vader" bugs. However, there was something about it that made me want to do it again (Brian not so much lol).
Fast forward to this summer...Zack was going to go stay with my brother for most of the summer and said brother had just bought a trailer so he suggests we meet part way and camp for the weekend. Sounds we load up and go camping for the weekend. It was great fun...sitting by the fire, poker night in the screen house, just hanging with my family away from all the distractions of doing things around the house/yard and the techno world. I come home and start talking and looking at I enjoyed it so much! Brian decides he'd like camping more if we had a boat...I know the boys would love that so I'm good with the tenting and getting a boat instead.
Recently, the boys and I took a 6 day camping trip with my friend and her 2 was awesome! We went to this campground a couple hours from home...small, clean and quiet. There is a lake there and the boys spent hours floating in inner tubes, building sand castles and playing beach volleyball. We sat and played full card yahtzee while watching the kids play, had picnic lunches and laughed...A LOT!! It was incredibly relaxing and almost therapeutic for me. My boys had a blast too and now...we are hooked! I came home, started looking at trailers again as it would be nice to have a space always set up...especially the kitchen area. And having a place to go when the weather takes a turn for the worse is an added bonus. Brian's big reason for not liking camping is the poor sleep he gets on the air mattress so having a bed for him might get him to come along. Either way, the boys and I will be camping a whole lot more...with or without a trailer or my husband!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure once you get the camper, he'll want to go along. It's really different with a camper than it is tenting it. We have a trailer but it's a very old one. We can't take the chance on dragging it along on the highway cause I'm sure it would end up dragging. lol Good luck at finding a trailer. You could probably get a good second hand one. A lot of people buy one and then find they really don't like camping so they end up selling it.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time..great to family time like that!!

Julie said...

I haven't been camping in a few years,but I do love it.I hate the bugs too and I always hope the weather cooperates.

Peggy said...

Go for the tent trailer. :)
Glad you are all enjoying yourselves this summer.