Friday, January 12, 2007

{rediscovering} the girl in me...

Over the last few months, I've been focusing a bit more on me. I am not trying to be selfish, the boys and Brian are still my priority, but I need to make more time for me. The boys are older now, so it's a bit easier to make that time. Perhaps the biggest change I've made lately is diet and excercise...this time with some fabulous results so far. I really believe that being overweight has factored into me really not feeling feminine. I didn't feel good in my clothes, or my own skin for that matter, but that is changing...slowly. Since losing 20lbs, I am beginning to get that girlie feeling....for those of you who know me for real...that's scary, I'm sure...LOl. Anyway, this scrapbook page is part of the journey I am on.
Thanks to Tammy @ love2scrap.


Kelsey_N said...

Hey Laura,
Good to hear that you are feeling more happy with yourself and starting to get some time just for you - it is important to do that. It is unbelievable how just a wee bit of self confidence can change your views on life. I am proud of you for your acheivement - 20 lbs is awesome! Way to go girl!

Renee said...

great to meet you in person laura! you should come to some of the scrapbook events in sherwood park sometime!

Anonymous said... are an inspiration!!! You did a beautiful layout! TFS and participating in the challenge!