Thursday, March 15, 2007

this weeks highlights...

Another week has come and gone, and with that means some highs and some lows.
Overall, we have had a great week. The kids have been able to get outside,which has been a plus for all of us. As soon as the boys took out the street hockey gear, all the boys from our neighborhood started popping out of their was hilarious!! Each time I looked out the window, I swear the number of kids out there's nice to see though and for the most part they all get along too!
Reilly and Carsyn brought home report cards and they were great. Carsyn has really turned himself around in the last year and I am very proud of him. He had a tough first year here but his teacher says he's the most wonderful student. He still has his moments though. Just last night was one of them. He was misbehaving after supper and wouldn't stop when I asked him too, so on the third strike, he got time out....Gavin too! Well the two of them were sitting across from each other and they would not stop laughing ( was kinda funny but don't tell them that...hehe). So after, about 10 minutes, and Carsyn getting 3 more warnings which transpired into 45 minutes early for bed, they stopped enough so I could turn the timer on. Just as it was about to go off, Gavin farted...they both burst out laughing!!! Even though their time wasn't up, I didn't hold that against them. I am getting to the point of the story where I let you all know what a little sh*t Carsyn can still be...So, I tuck him early, his tears and all and about an hour later he got up to go to the bathroom. I went to check on him and found him completely under the covers. He popped out and I asked if he was playing gameboy. He said no but as I went to lift the blankets he told me he didn't think it was under there...whatever you little sooo was under there! He had been playing gameboy the entire time he was supposed to be being punished!!! Needless to say, I conviscated the gameboy and took away all other electronic privileges for the next week and a half.
Zack had his own little bit of explaining to do this week too when I caught him, completely by fluke, off of school property during his lunch break! I am not sure which one of us had the bigger dear in the headlights look when we saw each other!! He is now with out computer and phone privileges as well as coming home from now until Spring break so that I can supervise him during his lunch hour....teenagers...grrrr!!
Thank goodness Reilly and Gavin have had a good week!!
I was able to find a lot of little things and moments to treasure this week. It helps when you stay off the phone and computer...hehe. It's so easy to get caught up in the craziness that life brings sometimes, that we forget about all the little stuff. Perhaps my favorite highlight this week was when the boys and I played go fish and old maid after supper...sooo fun!!
Reilly's hockey and awards banquet was held tonight...spent the afternoon making a casserole to take. Brian was able to leave work early to make it home in time too! Preschool was great both classes this week, I had some time to scrapbook (will upload pics after the weekend...too tired tonight) and some time for me...woohoo! I also cleaned the oven then did some baking and cleaned the house from top to bottom to prepare for my mom's visit. She's coming to stay with the kids while Brian and I take Reilly to his hockey tournament in Lloydminster this weekend...we are all looking forward to it! The boys can't wait to have Grandma all to themselves!! Should be a fun weekend for everyone.
On that note, I need to go. Have things to pack and places to go. Have a fabulous weekend.
Make sure to spend some quality time with loved ones!!


MonaS! said...

Man - isn't parenting exciting? GOTTA love it!!! Have a wonderful weekend my dear.

Mary P. said...

have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

wow you are a busy mom!!! Maybe i will stick with 2 girls and 2 boys! Hope you get some relax me time in there somewhere girl!

Later girlie!

jessi said...

hey girl!!! alright you see what happens when left to my own devices...LOL!!! just wanted to let you know that I miss ya...glad to hear all is relatively well in your world...still laughing at the antics of your younger 2!!!

anyway..have a fabulous time this weekend and tell reilly I am cheering for him...woohoo!!! time for coffee in the near future???

luve ya...J

Sherri said...

Hey Laura,
Wow my dear busy life with all those boys eh?! It's awesome that you can squeeze in all the up times and have those to ponder on during maybe some of the down ones! Mine is an older teen and yep somedays I would gladly close myself into a box haha, but then there are those moments when they make you so proud or do something unexpected and it helps realize why everything keeps on rolling. Hope you have a great time at the tournament, and that the boys staying home have an awesome time with Grandma, chat soon!

Kelsey_N said...

Hey Laura,

Just wanted to say a quick Hi, and Have a great weekend!!

Sherri said...

Laura -
I just wanted to pop and and say thanks so much for the awesome comments on my blog. It means alot and just wanted to tell you I appreciate the encouragement. Hope you have a fabulous week!