Sunday, March 25, 2007

stolen moments...

Not sure where the last week + 3 days has gone since my last update....oh ya, I remember, I am a Mom to 4 busy boys...hehehe!!
The hockey tournament in Lloydminster was a blast!! Poor Reilly has never stayed in a hotel about a sheltered life. He was soooo funny on Friday night after his game...the team was going to go swimming so he changed into his trunks and then said, "Oh, I guess I can't go swimming." I asked him why not and his reply was, "We didn't bring any towels from home." Poor kid didn't know that they were included in our room...LOL!!! He had soooo much fun playing mini stick hockey in the hallway, swimming and hanging out with his teammates that I don't think he even cared that they didn't win. Not that he does anyway. That is something I admire about Reilly, he never brags when they win or gets discouraged when they lose. He always tries his best and has fun. Makes his Mom very proud!! We had a blast hanging out with the other parents, socializing and getting to know them better. Too bad it was at the end of the season instead of the beginning though as they really are a great group of people and it would have been nice to know them then like we know them now...if that makes sense to anyone. The other boys had way too much fun with Grandma playing games, baking cookies and walking up town to rent a movie.
This past week saw the boys stay relatively out of trouble ,which was good news for me as I not only had to work but in less than three days, I had to make a scrapbook for Reilly's hockey coach. But I got it done in time for our wind up party on Thursday night and he LOVED it. Him and his wife both got teary eyed and I was so touched they liked it that much.
Brian made it home in time Thursday to attend the festivities as well. It was a great ending to an awesome hockey season. Now what to do with all that free time....???
Which brings me to this weekend. Here I was, Saturday morning...bored! No hockey to get ready for, the kids were playing outside with Brian and Uncle Neil and I had nothing to do. I wanted to scrapbook but couldn't. I had every intention of particiapting in an online crop at Pick of the Patch (see side bar) but ended up coloring my hair and then getting ready to go out with a friend to a Stampin' Up party. It was nice to get out and visit and the bonus was I won the door prize: a set of stamps titled 'so very'. Not bad considering I didn't even buy anything!! Not sure I'll use them a lot as I don't make too many cards but I might be able to incorporate them into some scrapbook pages. I got back in time for Brian and the boys to leave for the Oilers game...last home game of the season. Uncle Neil bought them tickets and Gavin and I stayed home. Neil was going to take all 4 of them, giving us the night off, but Gavin ended up being sick Friday night and Saturday so Brian went instead. I was looking forward to a night of scrappin, figuring Gavin would go to bed early but all he wanted to do was cuddle. I was all too happy to oblige, even though it was becasue he was sick. These days, I'll take it!! So, the two of us put our jammies on and cuddled up in the chaise together and watched the Oilers game. Even after he fell asleep and I could have scrapbooked, I couldn't bring myself to tuck him in. It was kinda emotional for me, just sitting there holding him. Gave me a lot of time to think, reflect and ponder the future. What a calming effect it had on me, makes ya aware of what really matters. The Oilers lost (again) but in some way, I think each member of our family won something last night (sorry if that sounds cheezy!!)
Today, we spent time outside doing a bit of yard work and puttering around. We then enjoyed a bbq and our latest tradition...sundae's on Sunday!! Couldn't think of a better way to end the weekend. Hope everyone found time to 'steal some moments' and enjoy themselves.


Kelsey_N said...

Sounds like a darn good weekend Laura!!

Hope your week goes just as well.

MonaS! said...

sounds like you had a great weekend! Would love to see a photo of the hair! And even when they are sick, I love those cuddle times! Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

oh my girl...i always feel so tired after reading your

cant wait to see the new color...come on flaunt the new look girl..hope you had a great day thus far....later girl!

Sherri said...

Awesome sounds like Reilly had a great time at his tournament - glad the weekend turned out so well.

I understand about the cuddle time, and being totally open to it no matter what the cause. Don't like to hear of the little guy unwell, but it was nice for you to have some down time and do a little reflecting - nope does not sound cheezy at all!
Hope you are have a good week!

Stacy said...

glad u guys had fun i could do hockey lol not made for it!!

jessi said...

alright, my're starting to give me a complex!!! No...I did not see you waving on friday...didn't even know you were coming through town...but oh yeah!! I haven't talked to you in like 2 weeks!!! Glad to hear last weekend was awesome!!! love weekends like that...hope this weekend was just as good!! yeah...hope you have a great week too...and call me!!!!!!