Wednesday, May 16, 2007

proud Mommy moment

Gavin has finally taken an interest in learning in the last few months. Makes me realize that we made the right decision to keep him home an extra year last fall. He really wasn't ready for Kindergarden then and we can really tell now. It's not that we didn't try to get him to print his name, sing his abc's and that kind of thing....he just didn't care and it wasn't worth the fight. When he was ready, he absorbed it all like a little sponge!!
So, I have to share with everyone that Gavin has learned to write his name and of course I had to grab the camera when he himself took the magnetic letters off the fridge, lined them up in the right order and copied them onto a piece of paper....see...

Reluctantly, he let me keep the piece of paper so I can include it on the scrapbook page that is swirling around in my!!

Pre K is winding down for me and I may consider taking on a sub position at the elementary school in the fall. I would love it, but at the same time, it will be the first time in 14 years that I will have my kids all in school (2days one week/3days the next for Gavin) and am thinking it might be nice to have some "me" time. I will have to think about it over the summer I guess.
Summer...soon it will be summer. We've been doing a lot of yardwork and it's starting to look good, just need to go to the greenhouse this weekend so I can add some color. We need to get some topsoil and sod for half the yard and then it will be done...finished and ready to enjoy hours out there.
Speaking of enjoying, I just have to say how much I have been enjoying the music of Micheal Buble' lately. I never really listened to him before but when I heard a clip on a commercial for his "Save the last Dance for Me", I had to find his music and I am lovin' it!! Check him out of you aren't familiar.
The long weekend is fast approaching, so make sure you spend some time doing what you love with those you love. I know I will!!


heike said...

Hi Laura,
thanks for dropping by my blog. The pps are Bampop.
They have all sorts of 'out there' designs.
Sounds like you will have some decisions to make in regards to work. Hope you can get some 'me' time. It's another 4 years for me and it's been nearly 16 years already since we welcomed our first little bundle into the world. Time flies!

Stacy said...

yay gavin!!!!! i wish i had the summer off lol but i guess its time i went back to work in 2 weeks yuck !!!!!

MonaS! said...

Good for Gavin!!! WTG. I agree - taking time off for "me" time while the kids are in school is awesome. I have done it for the last couple of years and it is really wonderful. I highly recommend it. Have a wonderful long weekend.

Sherri said...

Wow great job Gavin - keep up the good work! Seems like a long time ago that these experiences were happening in my little family - thanks so much for sharing with us and reminding me of fun and happy times! :-)

I hope you have a lovely long weekend - and maybe start on a little of that "me" time right away haha.

take care!

Sherri said...

Have an awesome Long Weekend Laura!

grover said...

proud mom moment!
i would want to save it too!

have yourself a great long weekend!

Kelsey_N said...

Way to go Gavin! Sometimes it just takes a little time ... yay!!
Hope you get to have a nice weekend!