Tuesday, May 29, 2007

slowly getting there...

First if all, I want to report that Reilly's finger has mended well. Over the weekend, we changed the gauze and actually replaced it with just a bandaid. Not even sure if it will even leave much of a scar, so that is great. Tonight was one week since it happened and therefore his night for dishes and he asked me to dry the knives...poor kid! it will probably take him a bit before he attempts to dry them again.
Secondly, Zack had a track meet at school last week and qualified in three events to move on. That meet was held today and he placed first in the 800m so now he is off to regionals...not sure when but I'll keep ya updated. He was quite happy to show off his red first place ribbon!!
Next...hmmm...Gavin is going on a tour of the Kindergarten Thursday and to meet the teacher. He's sooo excited. Half of my Pre K class went today and the rest go next class. My Pre K kids also had graduation photos taken today...they are totally cute, complete with cap and gown! It is a surprise (the best it can be when 4 and 5 year olds are involved...lol) for the parents. I'll give them to each child next Tuesday during a little presentation at our year end party. I am making each one of the kids in my class a "Kindergarten Survival Kit" and will post pics when they are done. They are also getting a copy of the book, 'The Kissing Hand'...which is about a little raccoon who is going to school for the first time and is worried about being afraid. It's a great story and I hope will help them a bit at the beginning of school.

Gavin was very proud of his lego family. Left to right is Daddy, Gavin and Mommy....
Carsyn's party invites and plans are complete for next weekend...should be fun! You pull out the pillow and it has all the details etc on there. I thought they turned out pretty cute. Brian says I am going to get him beat up at school (especially with the poem I wrote about being 8 and staying up late).
The yard is coming along nicely. Still much to do but we're getting there. I won't say we'll be done soon cause with a house and yard are you ever really done...? Always seems like there's something I am finding. Here are some pics I took this weekend in our backyard:
bees in the crabapple tree
tried out the macro setting on my camera
this is the inside of an orange tulip
I wanted to see what the coals in our fire pit would look like
is it just me or can anyone else see a face in this one?
Brian was pretending to be a buckin' bronco for Carysn. Most of the pics they bounced out of shot but there were a few I got.

then of course they had to wrestle cause that's what daddy's and sons do right...?lol

Still have lot's to do before this weekend arrives but I'll get there and if some stuff isn't finished...too bad right!! The bbq will go on and noone will probably even notice what I didn't finish (except me of course). And I'd have a better chance of getting it done if I get off the computer. On that note, I'm outta here.


Stacy said...

looks like they are having a blast i have some cool pics of the tramp i will post in the next day or so

heike said...

Wow, some great photos here and the birthday invitations look great. I spend way too much time on the computer, should be scrapping (and maybe doing housework) instead.

Sherri said...

Reilly - hope you heal up fast!
Zack - a big congrats - off to the Regionals!
Gavin - have fun at the meet the teacher and nice lego family
Very cool idea about the Kindergarten Survival kits and beautiful pictures of your yard - you have an awesome camera! I love the cool pics of the fire pit - or should I say hot pics haha -
And HOLD ON Carysn haha!!!!
Have a great weekend Laura :-)

Anonymous said...

Great looking lego people Gavin!!
Love the invites and hope Carsyn doesn't get beat up at school. lol Love your pics. I don't know how to get to the macro. I'll figure something out.

heike said...

Sorry, darl, you've been tagged, lol. It's all on my blog. Have a nice week-end. :)