Tuesday, June 12, 2007

weekend wrap up

Another weekend down...three more busy ones to go!
Friday after school, I picked up Carsyn and his three friends that were spending the night and
the teacher asked if I was really ready for this because the boys had been bouncing off the walls most of the day...I said I'd be ok. Who was kidding?...lol! I called Brian at 3:30 asking when he was going to be home because I already had a headache...we'd only been home 15 minutes!!! He laughed and said all of a sudden he had to work late and wouldn't get here until the kids were all sleeping. Funny guy he thinks he is...lol! I sent them out to jump on the trampoline while I got a few things organized for them. They each made their own pita pizza for supper, which they all thought was cool and they had drinks in these light up cups I bought for each of them. While the pizza's were cooking, they all decorated a "do not disturb sign" for their rooms. After supper, they went to play musical pillows and a sleeping bag sack race...both were funny to watch. We had cake and then each of the boys decorated a plain white pillow case with fabric markers...I even bought one that glows in the dark...how fun will that be at bed time? Then they all snuggled into their beds and watched a movie while munching on popcorn. They actually were asleep by 10:30. Saturday morning, they woke up @ 6 but played quietly and watched cartoons. I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and sent them on their way. Carsyn said this was his best birthday ever.
My Mom and Grandma arrived late Friday night as well. So great to have them here for a visit. Saturday morning, we enjoyed coffee in the backyard while Brian started hauling dirt to level out the one half. Mom and Grandma both love gardening and I happen to have some plants that needed a home so they took care of that for me...looks good! Gavin and I attended a birthday party that afternoon for one of my preschool kids and then came home for pizza. We were hoping to have a fire and roast marshmallows but a nasty storm blew in, so we hung out inside instead. Sunday, our company left and Brian seeded the side of the yard he spent the entire day leveling. Did a few other odd jobs around the house/yard, visited with our neighbors a bit and enjoyed a family supper with our usual 'sundae's on Sunday'.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too.
I'll leave you with a couple of layouts I managed to complete in the last couple of weeks.


heike said...

Laura, first of all thank you sooo much for ALL your lovely comments, so nice to get some positive feed-back.
Sounds like the birthday boy and his mates had a fantastic time. Love the idea of making their own pizzas and pillow cases.
Your latest two lo's I just love. Fabulous colours and design, so eye-catching.
Take care,
heike xox

grover said...

oy---what a busy time you had!
sounds like great fun--great memories!

love that second page-what a fun lo!

Stacy said...

love the title on the upside down lo!!! very cool are you thinking of scrapfest again this year? kim and i are going i know so far let us know

Sherri said...

Love the new layouts and sounds like your family has been a hopping, I need to update my blog yep yep - just wanted to jump in and say HI!

MonaS! said...

Busy, busy, busy. LOVE the new los, especially the upside down one.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had your hands full and your son had a great time. Love the LO's!! Specially the Upside down one.