Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wii are family!

Finally....found the kids their Christmas gift last week. We couldn't get our hands on one in time for Christmas, so they got a picture of one in a huge box saying we would buy them one when we could get one. That day came last Wednesday. Brian phoned to say they had them at the Walmart where he was working. He came home with it to surprise the boys on Thursday night. I can't tell you how much fun this game system is...it's awesome!! Brian and I both had body parts aching the next day...lol! Even my in laws played it while they were here and now my MIL wants to buy one for their house!

The weekend was spent playing the Wii, enjoying the beautiful weather with family and friends as well as celebrating my hubby's 40th birthday. It was a fabulous three days!!

Today was my last day teaching pre kindergarten...a bittersweet day. I cried some tears and so did some of the kids but I promised them all I would see them in Kindergarten. I will actually get to watch them grow up as they are the same age as Gavin so they will go to school together till graduation...potentially. How great will that be! Thirteen years from now, I can say to them, do you remember when you were 5 and I was your preschool teacher?

Lastly, but certainly not least, I've been tagged by Heike, so here goes:
  1. Name three things that scare you... snakes, spiders and mice.
  2. The daggiest thing in your music collection...Air Supply
  3. Your three favourite clothing items... jeans, tshirts and flip flops.
  4. Your partners most annoying habit... forgetting to tell me something then insisting he did...grrr
  5. What stresses you out ... being unorganized
  6. If I could change the world I would hmmmmm...can't decide, so many things need changing
  7. Your favourite household chore… seriously??? Um...laundry I guess
  8. If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for…we don't have those here but I've heard great things about the dollar spot there so I would check that section out.
  9. In my next life I would like to come back as …myself (just a few sizes smaller...lol)
  10. Your least favourite celebrity…Paris Hilton
I tag Sherri, Vanessa and Jocelyne...have fun ladies!

We'll be busy over the next few days with Carsyn's birthday Friday/Saturday, my Mom and Grandma are coming Friday till Sunday and we have another party to attend this weekend as well. When am I going to have time to scrapbook? Oh well, I love having family here.

Have a fabulous week everyone.


grover said...

that game looks like SO MUCH FUN!
good work out it seems!

heike said...

Love the title of your post, very clever. I've never heard of a Wii before but it looks like amazing fun.
Congrats to your hubby. The big 40!
Your DH sounds a bit like mine, he thinks he's told me things but hasn't and I can tell him something three times and he will swear black and blue he never heard me. :)
I remember when I was teaching the last day was always bitter sweet, sad to see some kids move on and extremely relieved that others were, lol.
Does sound like you are going to be one busy girl this week. Take care,

MonaS! said...

Looks like you had alot of fun! I have heard that aching muscles are definitely a part of playing the Wii. Well worth the fun I'm sure! Have a great weekend girl!