Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who said change was good?

It certainly is hard sometimes!

Not sure where to begin...seems like we've been soooo busy but yet not accomplishing anything. Does that even make sense to anyone else but!
I don't remember last June being this busy with school wrapping up, yard work, and other events that have us hopping like kangaroos.
I cannot get a grip on the fact that school is over in a week!! I am so looking forward to doing nothing the first week of July, I can't even describe it.
I am having an even harder time with the fact that my brother (one of them) is actually getting married this weekend. Who would have thought? Not any of us I am sure but he is and we are attending because no matter what our feelings are on the issue or toward him, it's the right thing to do. Tuesday, I took the boys shopping for clothes for the event and they chose golf/polo style shirts, jeans and flip flops. They are all going to look so smokin' it ok for a Mom to say that about her I'll post pics after we get back and you can be the judge of how handsome they are. Too bad I don't have my new camera yet to take the pics with. Hey all you digital SLR owners...I would love to hear from you about your camera. Ya know, the likes and dislikes, features it has others don't etc. We are in the process of trying to decide which one we want but it's always nice to get reviews from real people who have used them. Basically, I want one that is easy to use, little shutter lag, other lens options and not too big/awkward to hold. I will go 'fondle' them before I pick one but any info you'd be willing to share would be fantastic.
On a less positive note, I am a bit sad that in a week, I'll be saying goodbye to my friend and neighour Chrystal. They are moving back to BC and we are going to miss them sooo much. I already had to say goodbye to her kids and that was incredibly difficult. Her and her hubby will be back to get their things and say good bye...even though I know we'll still talk daily and msn each other and email pics, it's not the same. We love hanging out with them, playing games, bbq's and fires and now we won't be able to do that. She was my first friend when I moved here two years ago and helped me adjust to my new surroundings. I am already planning on flying out to visit and our family will drive there next summer for a holiday. None the less, things are going to be very different around here without them. I am working on a mini album for them of things in our town/neighbourhood so they won't forget...the kids have only known here as home so I want them to be able to see that when they are older.
I have done some other scrapbooking too but am too lazy right now to post the pics so it'll have to wait until next post. I gotta run anyway and do some last minute laundry/packing so we can leave. Have a great weekend people doing whatever it is you'll be doing!


Stacy said...

hey you i got a rebel xt slr like a month ago and iam loving it!!!!!! takes awesome pics just love how they turn out!!! would like to see pics of the boys in there flipflops !!!

heike said...

Hi Laura,
hope you enjoy the wedding no matter what, it sounds a lot like my youngest sister's wedding.
I'm sure the boys will look smokin' hot (love that saying, LOL).
Sorry to hear that your friends are leaving, hopefully a new nice family will move in.
Have a great week-end.
Take care,

Kelsey_N said...

Hey Laura,

Congratulations to your brother!

Sad to hear about your friend.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your friend leaving. :o( I know it's hard to let them go.
I would love to see pics of your sons with their flip flops!!

Sherri said...

Hey Laura,
yes this is one woman who knows exactly what you mean by - you feel so busy yet don't seem to be accomplishing anything! Totally get that! I can't believe it is the end of June in 07 already, I have so many little goals for the year and seems I am a bit behind getting them even started haha.
I am really sorry to hear about your friend moving back to BC - it's hard when good friends move away, sucks - just think now you will have a great place to visit. I know I know not the same. I hope that you have a good time at your brother's wedding, and can't wait to see pics of the boys! Take care my dear!