Thursday, August 16, 2007

hockey in August...?

yeppers...for us anyway. Reilly has been attending hockey school this week and as good as it's been for him, I am exhausted. It takes us about an hour to get there and even longer to get home due to rush hour traffic and city drivers can be crazy! I am in no way stereotyping all of you but wow...I really don't know how people do that everyday. It's not for me anymore. Funny how that changes hey...just 2 short years ago, I was a city girl thinking that small town life was so not me and now, I wouldn't go back. Anyway, back to the hockey...Reilly is really coming along way but I am most proud of his coachability factor and sportsmanship....way to be Son, I am very proud of you!
On another Reilly note, his fish, Slapshot (a Japanese fighting fish), passed away last night and our overly sensitive child was devastated. I did my best to reassure him that it wasn't anything he did or didn't do in looking after him but that it just happens. Poor guy sobbed himself to sleep. I cleaned up the tank and put everything away so he wouldn't have to see it and I thought he was doing ok today...until we came home from hockey school and he entered his room. He started crying all over again. He even googled the kind of fish he had and set a picture of one as the desktop background on the kids computer...poor guy.
The other boys are doing well, enjoying the summer. Gavin and I were talking about going to school the other day and he told me he wasn't sure if he was!! He'll love it I'm sure when he gets there. We've begun the back to school shopping and that has the boys thinking about seeing their friends and hanging out...the actual school part of back to school is not a popular thought around here but hey, I don't blame them...that was my least favorite part too back in the!
Speaking of school, my DH is now a student too. He is taking a course through distance learning that when he is finished, should land him a job that allows him to be home every day...woohoo!! The kids and I are very excited about having him home again but I think he is the most excited. No doubt it will be an adjustment but totally worth it!
I guess I am kinda a student too...I am studying and learning how to use my new camera! We've been talking about upgrading for awhile and contemplated a digital SLR. I ended up with a Canon S5 IS. I was afraid of the SLR because even though I was ready for an upgrade from just a point and shoot, I was completely intimidated by them. So much more you have to know and set on your own and I am not there yet. I feel and so does the guy who sold me the camera, that this was the right step. I love it so far. Still have a lot to learn but am having a blast playing around with it so far. I'll share some pics soon.
Have a great weekend.


heike said...

Hi Laura,
sorry to hear about DS fish. I'm dreading the day our cat will move on.
City driving drives me crazy, too. Funny how quickly one adjusts to the slower life style.
I admire your DH for taking on more study to stay home with you guys.
Hope you are all well.
Heike xox

grover said...

awww sorry about the fish--it is hard to lose a pet--poor little guy.

congrats on your camera-can't wait to see some pics!

Sherri said...

Hey Laura

Sorry to hear about Reilly's fish, I know my son Alex has lost a few pets over the years and even being older it is still hard on him. His hamsters even had to have proper funerals, and it is so heartbreaking to see them hurting isn't it? I hope hockey and school will fill his time and thoughts soon, so he does not feel so sad.

Yes I live in the city and I hate the traffic, I have moved to an area so that I am only about 10 mins away from work, and really would not want to be any farther. I use to drive an hour and 10-20 mins a day into work, and that so sucked haha ~ as I just have no patience to sit in traffic. Feels like a waste of life haha.

Awesome on the new camera, I am still in the dark ages and have a simple point and shoot and have to have everything developed before I see my pics, so I will live virtually through you and your new camera haha.

Congrats on your husband taking his course, and my fingers are crossed for you all that this means one day soon he can be home more.

Take care ~ now I guess I had better go update my own blog haha, been really bad at that lately ~ facebook has taken over everything haha it is so easy and fun. And I like that you can set all your privacy settings too so random people can not view your stuff ~ all good!

Scrappytbear said...

Wow busy busy end of summer huh? Hockey School in the summer must be wonderful....nice and cool...we are hoping to get our little one into hockey school next summer, there was actually a special hockey school put on about an hour away from us, put on by ladies from the Canadian Hockey Team, and just for girls. I dont want to keyhole Holly into a "girls hockey team" or anything, but would like her to see that girls can do what the guys can do without any troubles. :)
Bummer on the fish, that's the trouble with pets like fish and small rodents, they are not too hardy, almost impossible to treat, and they do die, it's inevitable. I hope he gets past it soon.
Exciting about school for all of you, my kids are happy to go back, Annika is starting PreK this year and she's nervous and happy, and I am going to back to school this year as the teacher so we are all heading that way :)
Good luck with the camera!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your son's fish. It's hard on a child when they lose a pet. :o(
My stepson John had hockey in June and July. It was a regular hockey thing but in summer instead of Winter.
It will be so nice for you to have hubby home everyday.