Wednesday, August 29, 2007

hodge podge of stuff

Knowing we were going to visit my Grandma and knowing she makes crabapple jelly, we thought it would be cool if she taught me how to make crabapple jelly so...the boys each picked a pail of apples from our backyard and loaded them into the van. When we arrived, I asked Grandma if she would teach me to make the jelly with the family recipe. She kinda giggled and said there is no family recipe...she just uses the one from the certo box! I, was devastated. All these years I thought for some reason, that there was a family recipe and to find out there wasn't crushed me. My Grandma tried to make me feel better by saying that it's the same recipe her Mom used, my Mom said it's the same one she used so it's kinda a family!! Thanks Grandma for making me feel better and for taking the time to teach me, ok mostly do on your own, how to make crabapple jelly. It is delicious and I have happily been sharing some of the 22 jars we made with family and neighbors. I love you!
Here are the boys picking the apples....

We had a nice visit and I have other pics to share but blogger isn't allowing me to upload anymore today so I'll add the rest later. It was great to surprise my Great Grandma with a visit and to update our 5 generation picture. I can't believe she'll be 98 in October...we have been so lucky to have had that many generations for as long as we have.

Here is a collage of hockey school photos. I am blown away by the zoom on this new camera...I got pretty close to him even when he was on the opposite side of the rink. I also love the burst mode...oh and the color selection mode. Some of my favs are the ones where just his jersey is gold and the rest is black and white (those were not edited with software).

and a few snapshots to share of out last days in the pool and some scenery in the yard...I LOVE the sunflowers pictures. The last 2 pics were taken on campus @ the UofA.

So, the boys are just about ready for school. Gavin and I are having our date this Friday to get his shopping done and have lunch together. He is the only one excited about going to school. Zack told him to just wait, he'll see it's nothing to get excited!!

I guess, that's it, that's all for now. I need to save something to blab, I mean blog about in a day or so when I add those other photos. Have a good evening, I'm outta here!


Boo said...

Oh Laura... it's not always the recipe that counts but how the person makes it. I'm sure the recipe wouldn't be the same if someone else made it. ;o)

Great photos of your boys! I'm happy to hear you had a good time visiting your grandma. You are lucky! 98! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collages of the pics. I'm sure that even though the recipe is on the box, it was made with love and that's probably why it tastes sooo good to you.

grover said...

love the collages! they are so colorful!