Friday, August 17, 2007

whatcha think....

of my new banner? I love it...just wish it was centered...can anyone help me with that?
This is how I relaxed tonight after a llllooooonnngggg week at hockey camp. Too bad the rest of the weekend won't be as relaxing. I have a hockey executive meeting tomorrow at 9am...yep that's right, I have to be up and out of the house before 9 on a Saturday for hockey and the season is still almost 2 months away! Then, it is Carsyn's turn for school shopping and lunch with Mom so there goes the rest of the day. Sunday we'll be getting ready to leave for my Mom's house for a week so if I don't get back here or in touch with you otherwise...this is why.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
ps if anyone can help with centering my banner, I'd be very grateful. If not, then it stays crooked I guess!!


heike said...

Love your new banner but haven't got a clue how to fix it, sorry. :)

Kelsey_N said...

Hey Laura!
Long time no Blog Visit!!
Sounds like you have had a really good summer - busy and productive.
I love your new banner, but that is waaayyy to technical for me! No idea how to even do a banner like that! lol
Hope you have a great week at your mom's.
I promise that I will try to be around Blogland a little more in the future. That Facebook really is addicting!
Bye for now!!

Boo said...

Have a great visit with your Mom. Ahhhh, the life of a hockey Mom. So far, I haven't experienced it but I'm sure I will one day.

I have no idea how to center the banner either. I don't know how to make one!. LOL


Anonymous said...

I love your new banner. I wish I could help you centre it but I had a heck of a time with mine. I kept changing the Layout until it was ok on my page.

Sherri said...

I don't even know how to put a banner up there ~ so sorry ~ love the new banner and the colors of your page but have no idea how to fix it my dear.

MonaS! said...

I don't even understand the whole banner thing - wish I did so that I could create my own. You are amazing that you could even put one up. I am too computer illiterate to do that. Anyway, hugs girl. Hope you are doing well. Love ya!!!