Sunday, March 2, 2008

the official countdown has begun!!

yippee...hooray...we'll be on our way...soon!!
I altered this perpetual calendar so the boys ( too) could actually see the number of sleeps getting smaller with each passing day!! (sorry the pic is a bit blurry but you get the idea)

my friend had suggested packing bandaids for blisters so we picked up some theme appropriate ones...(oops...I forgot to save this pic after I cropped out the kleenex...oh well)
and another friend had suggested to take a big pen with us for the characters to use for autographs...I'm thinking these should work!! I might just take the markers in case the pens have ink issues!

All the little things are really coming together and we are all very excited!!!

Zack's team didn't do so well at the regional tournament last weekend and Reilly's team lost the zone championship by 1 goal but both boys took the loss with dignity and like sportsmen! We were proud of them regardless cause they played hard and there is no shame in losing if you try your best right? Right! Reilly's team is playing in the Provincial tournament next weekend and then hockey should be basically finished for the season. Zack will wait for badminton to start, Carsyn is going to play football and Gavin thinks he's like to give baseball a shot! So it looks as though the Spring and Summer will once again be busy at our house!
Speaking of Spring...we've been enjoying some fabulous weather and it's got me itching to be out in the yard! I am anxiously awaiting flowers to start poking out of the ground and have also begun a spring clean. Not sure where all this energy is coming from...must be excitement! I'm going with it cause I'm sure it won't last!!

So, I guess that's it for to do some more cleaning!
Have a great week everyone!


grover said...

the countdown is on!!!
i have that same perpetual calendar--they are so cute hey!

Boo said...

You got some pretty good tips! The excitement of the countdown!!!!!!

MonaS! said...

doesn't sound like you guys are excited about your trip at all! LOL - I am excited for you - our trip is too far away to get excited yet!