Monday, March 10, 2008

well....this post was supposed to have some pictures in it but for some reason the server keeps encountering an error when I try to upload so forget it...I don't have all!!!
We have had a crazy busy week at our house which is why it's been a bit since my last post.
It started with the kids only having 3 days of school so having all 4 of them home for extended weekends means more sibling scraps than least the weather was nice and I could kick them outside to beat on each other!
This past weekend also saw Reilly's hockey team playing in the Provincial Tournament. They went undefeated in the round robin and lost the semi finals which means they ended up 3rd in the Province...still a huge accomplishment for our boys. He played so well...made me very proud when he was chosen to receive the Heart and Hustle award in the first game (the coach from the opposing team picked him out of all the players on his team!) Sadly though, Brian was out of town and missed it! Of all the weekends to have to go back to work! I did use our new video camera to tape it but we all know it's not the same as being there. I love him even more for the sacrifices he makes for our family and so I can stay home with the boys!!!
My friend Lee drove up to watch Reilly play and she brought my SIL with my niece and nephew! I was sooo excited to see them as the last time I saw them was August...they are both getting so big! (I was going to post pics but blogger isn't cooperating!)
So, today is my day to play catch up around the house, my online world and maybe even scrap! It's the first day I've been home alone in almost 3 months so I could do whatever I want really!
Oh and in case you were wondering....we have 23 sleeps left till our trip to Disneyland!!!


Stacy said...

right on laura my congrats to your boy!!! and very excited for your trip we sold our house last thursday so i am officially house hunting ttys!!!

MonaS! said...

sounds like a busy weekend again! congrats on the tourney. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Boo said...

Congrats to your boy for going so far in the tournament and for winning the H&H award! Very cool!!!

23 sleeps..... the excitement is building!